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February 15, 2017 2017年2月15日



POW! WOW! Taiwan recently held the third installment of its annual festival, organizing live painting, public murals, exhibitions, street art classes, and music performances in the cities of Kaohsiung, Tainan, and Taipei. Bringing together over thirty renowned local and international street artists, the event was a celebration of creativity that not only gave artists the opportunity to showcase their skills, but also increased public awareness about street art’s potential to positively impact communities.

最近,一年一度的POW! WOW! Taiwan迎来第三届艺术节。本次活动包括在高雄、台南和台北三地举办的现场绘画、公共涂鸦、展览、街头艺术班和音乐表演。这一次,他们召集了30多名本地和国际著名的街头艺术家参与这一创意盛事,不仅为艺术家们提供了展现艺术才华的机会,同时让公众意识到街头艺术能为社会带来积极影响的潜力。

FLYFLYFLY & WIP / Photographer: Bana Chen
Photographer: Sean Marc Lee
Luise Ono painting a mural / Photographer: Bana Chen

POW! WOW! Taiwan is part of a series of international POW! WOW! festivals that take place each year in select cities across the world. Initially founded in Hong Kong in 2010, POW! WOW! has since been centered around an annual week-long event in Hawaii and has expanded to cities and countries including Taiwan, Long Beach, Israel, Singapore, Jamaica, Washington D.C., Guam, New Zealand, Germany, and more.

POW! WOW! Taiwan是POW! WOW!国际艺术节的一部分。每年,该活动都会在世界各地城市轮流举办。POW!WOW!于2010年成立于香港,之后每年都会在夏威夷举办为期一周的艺术活动,如今活动已扩展到台湾、长滩、以色列、新加坡、牙买加、华盛顿、关岛、新西兰、德国和其它地市。

Kristopher Ho / Photographer: Bana Chen
SATR / Photographer: Bana Chen
Mural by Felipe Pantone / Photographer: Sean Marc Lee

This year’s POW! WOW! Taiwan featured a special collaboration with Secret Walls, a live street art battle exhibition first started in London in 2006. Using a monochrome color palette of black and white, two teams of artists faced off against each other to create the best pieces. Live music, judging, and a 90-minute time limit pushed artists to collaborate in a competitive setting.

今年,POW! WOW! Taiwan携手Secret Walls推出特别企划。Secret Walls是来自伦敦的“街头艺术擂台”展览,始创于2006年。参赛的两队艺术家分别使用黑白两种色彩作画,看谁能创作出最好的作品。90分钟的时间限制,现场音乐和评判机制推动着这些艺术家在竞争中相互合作。

Photographer: Sean Marc Lee
Photographer: Sean Marc Lee
Photographer: Sean Marc Lee

The POW! WOW! event is inspired by and named after the Native American pow wow, a social gathering held by many Native American communities. Traditional pow wows bring communities together for dancing, singing, art, and fellowship to celebrate and preserve culture. Art and music played central roles in these gatherings, serving as mediums for cultural exchange between tribes and peoples.

POW! WOW!的名字和活动内容来源于美国原住民的社交聚会pow wow。在传统的pow wow上,来自不同社区的原住民一起跳舞,唱歌,创作艺术,建立友谊,一同庆祝和保护原住民文化。在这些聚会上,艺术和音乐发挥了核心的作用,是部落和人们之间文化交流的媒介。

Kristopher Ho / Photographer: Hexails
Photographer: Sean Marc Lee

In keeping with the legacy of Native American pow wows, music also plays a central role in POW! WOW! events around the world. This year’s POW! WOW! Taiwan featured live performances by regional DJs and musicians including SmashRegz, Eggplantegg, LEO37 & SOSS, True & Love, Paige Su, DJ RayRay, Sonia Calico, Rgry, and BenjaminSe7en.

为了传承美国原住民pow wow的传统,在世界各地的POW! WOW!活动中,音乐依然担任着重要的角色。今年的POW! WOW! Taiwan中有来自各地DJ和音乐家的表演,包括SmashRegzEggplanteggLEO37 & SOSS、True & Love、Paige SuDJ RayRaySonia CalicoRgry、和 BenjaminSe7en.

DJ RayRay / Photographer: Sean Marc Lee
Paige Su / Photographer: Bana Chen
Photographer: Bana Chen

After the closing of each year’s POW! WOW!, murals left around the city commemorate the explosion of creativity that occurred across the festival. Through its core tenets of cultural exchange, education, and public participation, POW! WOW! has become the leading global organization for promoting street art around the world. Be on the lookout for POW! WOW! events happening in your area in the future.

每年POW! WOW!闭幕之后,留在城市各地的涂鸦作品为艺术家们的创意大爆发留下纪念。POW! WOW!凭借其文化交流、教育和公众参与的核心宗旨,现已成为世界各地促进街头艺术的代表性组织。下一次POW! WOW!来到您的城市时,可千万别错过了!

Mural by Ahdia One / Photographer: aserktw
Mural by Bounce / Photographer: Sean Marc Lee
Mural by Luise Ono / Photographer: Sean Marc Lee

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