Reclaim: Jakarta

June 30, 2017 2017年6月30日



Reclaim: Jakarta is the latest initiative from global arts collective Micro Galleries in response to the May 24th terrorist attacks in East Jakarta. Partnering with local Indonesian artists Media Legal, Nur, Robowobo, Dan Wacky, and Aryo Dewa Bharata, Micro Galleries created eight large-scale artworks near the bomb site to spread the message that Jakarta stands united against acts of terrorism and reclaim Jakarta as a city of peace, hope, and resilience.

《Reclaim: Jakarta》是全球艺术组织Micro Galleries为悼念雅加达东部5月24日的恐怖袭击事件所发起的最新项目。Micro Galleries与印度尼西亚本地艺术家Media Legal、Nur、Robowobo、Dan Wacky和Aryo Dewa Bharata合作,在爆炸发生的地点附近创建了八件大型艺术品,以重新宣示雅加达作为一座充满和平、希望和活力的城市,并传达出一条信息:雅加达人们团结一致,坚决反对恐怖主义行为。

According to Micro Galleries’ global art director Kat Roma Greer, “We have been working closely with the Indonesian art community in Jakarta for a while now, and we could see how devastated they were that another terrorist attack had happened in their city, so we asked them how we could help.” Calling on the support of the international art community, a global crowdfunding campaign raised enough funds within twelve hours to commission the artists and pay for their materials. Greer says, “We were overwhelmed by the financial support we received so quickly, but we knew our international community would pull together to help our Indonesian artist friends show the world that Jakarta and its people will not be ruled by fear or extremism.”

Micro Galleries的全球艺术总监吉姆·罗伯·格里尔(Kat Roma Greer)表示:“我们和雅加达当地艺术界密切合作了一段时间,可以看得出,再一次发生恐怖袭击事件对他们影响很大,所以我们问他们有什么能帮忙的。“他们举办了一场全球性的众筹活动,呼吁国际艺术界的支持,并在十二小时内筹集了足够的资金,用以支付艺术家和购买他们的创作原料。格里尔说:“这么短的时间就能获得如此多的经济支持,这一点让我们很受触动。但我们一直相信,全球的艺术界一定会齐心协力,帮助印度尼西亚的艺术家向世人展示,雅加达和这座城市的人们是不会屈服于恐惧或极端主义的。”



Micro Galleries is a global arts initiative that reclaims disused and forgotten public spaces and reactivates them as open-air galleries that are free and accessible to the local community. The initiative began in 2013 with two events in Hong Kong, and has since held numerous events in Australia, South Africa, Austria, Bali, and Indonesia. Later in 2017, they will continue their work in Indonesia with Micro Galleries Jakarta, a two-week festival that will will bring together local and international artists to the streets and alleyways of the city from October 6th to October 21st.

作为一个全球性的艺术组织,Micro Galleries 致力于回收利用被废弃和被遗忘的公共空间,将其重新改造为露天画廊,让当地社区的人们免费参观。该组织于2013年开始,先是在香港举办了两次活动,之后,陆续在澳大利亚、南非、奥地利、巴厘岛和印度尼西亚分别举办了多次的艺术活动。在印度尼西亚,他们将继续与Micro Galleries Jakarta合作,举办一个为期两周的艺术节,在2017年10月6日至21日期间,召集来自本地和其它国家的艺术,在雅加达的街头和巷道中展现他们的艺术作品。

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Contributor: George Zhi Zhao
Images & Video Courtesy of Micro Galleries

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供稿人: George Zhi Zhao
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