Saved by Humor 画里嬉笑怒骂,画外正义剧场

January 15, 2021 2021年1月15日
The Fast 280 x 400 cm / Oil on linen《The Fast》280 x 400 厘米 / 亚麻布面油画

Inside a rickety bus, a group of horrified passengers screams for their lives as it barrels down the street. One commuter throws himself on the floor, shielding his head with his arms, while on the other side of the frame, a monk, with only his feet and the bottom of his saffron robe in frame, has thrown himself out the window, trying to escape. The bus driver is the only person oblivious to the imminent disaster. He has both his hands off the steering wheel, and his eyes glued to his smartphone.


Hope 100 x 100 cm / Oil on linen《Hope》100 x 100 厘米 / 亚麻布面油画
Attend Your Studies 150 x 150 cm / Oil on linen《Attend Your Studies》150 x 150 厘米 / 亚麻布面油画

Reckless attitudes of the sort are a recurrent theme in Lampu Kansanoh‘s art. In large and colorful paintings, she portrays the idiosyncrasies of life in Thailand, using comical imagery of ordinary people’s misfortunes as a means of denouncing dishonesty, phoniness, and power imbalances.

“My paintings reflect the humorous behavior of Thai people, who are always so laidback, comfy, and make difficult things seem easy,” she says. “But their behavior can also turn out to be reckless and endanger or affect other people’s lives. I want to turn the stress of everyday life into a joke.”

这些人物是 Lampu Kansanoh 笔下常见的角色,鲁莽大意,罔顾一切。在她的大幅彩色绘画作品中,描绘着充满泰国特色的生活场景,既揭示着普通百姓的各种不幸,又以幽默的方式批判着各种狡猾、虚伪和权力失衡的现象。


I’m so Surprised! 200 x 300 cm / Oil on linen《I’m so Surprised!》200 x 300 厘米 / 亚麻布面油画
My Beloved Vendor 200 x 200 cm / Oil on canvas《Daily Pursuit》200 x 200 厘米 / 布面油画
Daily Pursuit 150 x 150 cm / Oil on canvas《Daily Pursuit》150 x 150 厘米 / 布面油画

Kansanoh struggled to find her painting style all the way until her third year in art school. “One day, I looked at a friend’s face and realized I loved his beard and mustache; he didn’t look regular,” she says. From there, she began to use her classmates as subjects, painting them with oversized heads and baby bodies in a way that reflects their unique personalites. “That’s how my caricature style was born.”

Lampu 先前一直不太确定自己的绘画风格,直到进入艺术学校大三那一年。她说:“有一天,我看着我一个朋友的脸,突然意识到我真的很喜欢他的胡须,他的胡须让他看上去显得那么特别。”然后她就开始以她的同学为原型,创作各种头大身小的形象,以此突显每个人的特点和个性。“我的漫画风格就此诞生了。”

Hot Fight 240 x 250 cm / Oil on canvas《Hot Fight》240 x 250 厘米 / 布面油画
Hey! Watch My Knees 150 x 150 cm / Oil on linen《Hey! Watch My Knees》150 x 150 厘米 / 亚麻布面油画
Where Are We Going Tonight? 100 x 100 cm / Oil on linen《Where Are We Going Tonight?》100 x 100 厘米 / 亚麻布面油画
I am a Kind Person 150 x 150 cm / Oil on linen《I am a Kind Person》150 x 150 厘米 / 亚麻布面油画

Kansanoh grabs people’s attention through the principles of exaggeration. But, unlike most caricaturists, she does not only exaggerate people’s unusual features. Instead, she dials up the intensity of their emotions and reactions, which are often inconsistent with the incidents or situations they face.

There’s a certain level of realism to her characters that gives them relatability. She culls inspiration from across Thailand’s social threads, whether it be a street vendor or a politician, no one escapes her brush strokes. Kansanoh depicts their activities and interpersonal relationships, giving viewers a sense of how diverse and complex Thai society truly is. Her scenes express the harsh tragedies of daily life, but also how people always find a way to cope with the adversities humorously.

不同于其他漫画家,Lampu 虽然通过夸张的风格来吸引观众的目光,但这种夸张并不在于夸大人物的五官,而是加剧人物的情绪和反应,他们所透露的情绪和反应往往与他们所处的情景或事件是不协调的。

她笔下的角色有一定的写实感,令人更易产生共鸣。Lampu 从泰国的各种社交媒体中搜罗灵感,从街头小贩到国家政客,形形色色的人都纳入笔下。Lampu 通过描绘人物的活动和人际关系,让观众一窥真实泰国社会的复杂性和多元化。她所描绘的场景既揭示了人们艰难的日常生活,同时展现了泰国人应对困境时的幽默和乐观。

That Will Be Mine 200 x 300 cm / Oil on linen《That Will Be Mine》200 x 300 厘米 / 亚麻布面油画

On various occasions, she depicts selfie-taking characters in unfortunate circumstances, whether it be getting hit by a car, undergoing surgery, or getting busted by the police. It’s her way of lambasting our modern dependency on technology. “Nowadays, we prioritize the world in our smartphones more than the real world,” she says. She also scoffs at the inauthenticity and shallowness of the online world. “We want people to accept what we show online, even if it is bogus. Loneliness has disappeared. But now we can build relationships that last shorter than the life expectancy of a mosquito.”

Her work also resonates politically. Kansanoh often paints the familiar faces of controversial politicians from Thailand and abroad. She refers to them as the “symbols of what’s causing problems in the world.”


Lampu 也会创作政治相关的作品,她经常描画泰国和国外备受争议的政客,其中不乏一些世界领袖,而她称他们为“在世界上制造麻烦的人。”

Emergency Case 150 x 150 cm / Oil on linen《Emergency Case》150 x 150 厘米 / 亚麻布面油画
Just One Shot 100 x 100 cm / Oil on linen《Just One Shot》100 x 100 厘米 / 亚麻布面油画
I Will Survive 30 x 30 cm / Oil on linen《I Will Survive》30 x 30 厘米 / 亚麻布面油画
I’m Fine, Thank You 50 x 50 cm / Oil on linen《I’m Fine, Thank You 》50 x 50 厘米 / 亚麻布面油画

When she reflects upon her own country’s history, she notes that corruption today remains the same as in the past, with officials from the top down gathering wealth, power, and privilege, while society’s most vulnerable live in agony. “In Thailand, we have accumulated so many problems over the years. Legal matters, government neglect, corruption. These things never go away. No matter how many years pass, life here remains the same. I’m mocking the suffering of society,” she says.

Her mockery, however, doesn’t take a vicious form. Kansanoh shows strong empathy for people’s suffering. This is perhaps better shown in how she paints their facial expressions, which places emotions like tenderness, contentment, anger, and despair front and center, bringing these human stories to life and making viewers identify with these people’s feelings and plight.


然而,她的讽刺却并无恶意。Lampu 对于人们的苦难深表同情,这一点从她对人物面部表情的描绘中可以看出:通过温柔、满足、愤怒和绝望等情绪,生动地讲述这些普通人的故事,让观众理解他们的感受和困境。

Can I See Your Panties? 100 x 100 cm / Oil on linen《Can I See Your Panties? 》100 x 100 厘米 / 亚麻布面油画

Kansanoh doesn’t believe her paintings can change society or reform politics. With them, she’s merely expressing her discontent with the status quo. Her disillusionment might seem to contradict the surface-level humor of her paintings—some of them are downright hilarious. But if nothing else, she hopes that her paintings can provide her audience with temporary relief. “I hope I can make them relax and forget the suffering for a while,” she says.

Some of Lampu Kansanoh’s paintings are on display as part of the Bangkok Art Biennale, at the Bangkok Art and Culture Centre until January 31st, 2021.

Lampu 不认为自己的作品可以真的改变社会或变革政治,她纯粹想通过自己的作品表达对现状的不满。这种对现实的不满似乎与她画中表现的幽默感(当然其中不失纯粹的搞笑)自相矛盾。但是不管如何,她希望自己的画作能够带给观众暂时的轻松,她说:“我希望我能让他们放松一下,暂时忘掉生活里的不幸。”

Lampu Kansanoh 的作品将会参加曼谷双年展于曼谷艺术文化中心隆展出至 2021 年 1 月 31 日,欢迎前往参观。

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