Seeing through Prisms 一枚三棱镜带给你的多重惊喜

April 3, 2019 2019年4月3日
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Adding a simple object to your toolkit, such as a prism, can keep your creative process fun and fresh. There are many types of prisms to choose from—glass or plastic, triangular or round, large or small. To get started, we suggest a six-inch-long glass triangular prism, but feel free to experiment with a variety of types.

Remember that when held at different angles, a single prism can produce multiple effects. Try shooting with a prism in the following three ways:

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在你的工具包中添加一个简单的物体,比如棱镜,就可以让你的拍摄过程充满乐趣和新鲜感。有许多类型的棱镜可供选择——玻璃或塑料的,三角形或圆形的,大型或小个的。在一开始,我们建议使用一个 6 英寸长的玻璃三角形棱镜,但你也可以自由尝试各种不同的类型。


Create repetition / 创造重复感

The more sides or ‘faces’ a prism has, the more repetition you can create in your photo. Draw attention to your favorite portion of a scene by using the prism to multiply the number of times it appears in the photo.


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Incorporate reflections / 结合反射

Use a prism to layer a reflection from outside of the frame onto your image, such as the sky overhead. This effect often feels similar to a double exposure and can be used to give additional insight into your surroundings.


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Generate partial effects / 产生部分效果

Instead of covering your entire lens with the prism, try a more subtle approach. Hold the prism so that only a corner or portion of the frame becomes distorted. This method works especially well when shooting portraits, because it maintains the person’s natural appearance, while still adding a dreamy effect.


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