Shalanaya Festival Shanghai

October 25, 2015 2015年10月25日



Shalanaya Festival is an annual psytrance and electronic music event held near Shanghai in Zhujiajiao ancient town. Organized by Blaine and creative partners Lulu and Pablo, the festival brings together people from around the world for a celebration of music, art, culture and life.


Psytrance is a genre of electronic music that originated in Goa, India in the late 1980s, and has since become a global sound. In the early 2000s, psytrance also emerged in China with underground events organized by music collectives Magic Garden and Goa Productions. Shiva Lounge, formerly an after-hours club that was opened by Blaine in Shanghai, further played a role in bringing the sound to a Chinese audience.

Psytrance是电子音乐的一个流派,发源于上个世纪80年代后期的印度果阿,之后逐步风靡全球。在中国,psytrance最早出现在两千年初音乐团体Magic Garden和Goa Productions举办的地下活动中。由Blaine开设于上海,前身为夜店的Shiva Lounge,也在psytrance在中国的传播中扮演了举足轻重的角色。

In 2015, Shalanaya Festival is in its third year, continuing to share the psytrance sound with those who are both familiar with and new to the experience. According to the organizers, the music festival “is about expressing yourself through dance, of opening your heart to others, exchanging positive vibes and being your true self. People should expect an interesting day and night – a journey of music and dancing, exploration, odd coincidences, synchronicities, meeting and making new friends, re-connecting with old ones and connecting with our friends on a deep and satisfying level.”

Shalanaya音乐节一直将psytrance之音分享给体验过和没体验过的人们,到今年已是第三届了。组织者说: “Shalanaya音乐节在于通过舞蹈表达自我,在于敞开心扉、交流正能量,在于做真正的自己。它是一场这样的一天一夜的旅程: 音乐,舞蹈,探索,奇遇,同欢,结识新友,重聚故交,在一个更深更充实的层面发展友情。”



Contributor & Videographer: George Zhi Zhao
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供稿与视频制作人:George Zhi Zhao

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