Sony World Photography Awards 2017

May 3, 2017 2017年5月3日
Photographer: Dongni, 1st Place: Professional Architecture

For this year’s iteration of the Sony World Photography Awards, Chinese photographers dominated across multiple Professional categories of the competition. More Chinese photographers were represented on the list of finalists and grand prize winners than any other countries in the world. In the Professional Architecture category, Dongni, a creative director from the city of Shenyang, took the grand prize with Space & City, a striking photo series that deconstructs and reconstructs the urban landscape to form her vision of modern cities, all presented from a birds-eye vantage.

今年的索尼世界摄影大赛(Sony World Photography Awards)上,中国摄影师在多个分组中都表现出色。在这项全球顶级摄影大赛中,中国成为了大奖得主名单上人数最多的国家。在“专业组建筑类”中,沈阳市的创意总监冬尼凭借作品《空间城市》获得冠军。这组航拍作品通过解构和重建城市景观,呈现出她眼中引人入胜的现代城市理念。

Photographer: Dongni, 1st Place: Professional Architecture

In the Professional Sport category, Yuan Peng, a member of the China Photographers Association, took the grand prize with his documentary photo series The Twins’ Gymnastics Dream, which offers an intimate look at the hopes and struggles of Liu Bingqing and Liu Yujie, two young twin sisters in the Shandong province who have grown up and trained together in a Chinese sports school since the age of five.


Photographer: Yuan Peng, 1st Place: Professional Sport
Photographer: Yuan Peng, 1st Place: Professional Sport

Meanwhile, the Sony World Photography National Awards segment of the competition is now in its fourth year. This program, which aims to discover the best photographs taken by local photographers across the world, has expanded its scope this year to include the countries of Cambodia, Nepal, Pakistan, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Sri Lanka, and the United Arab Emirates for the first time, allowing even more talented photographers to showcase unique perspectives of their respective regions. Scroll down and check out some more of our favorite shots from around Asia from this year’s competition.


Photographer: Moin Uddin Ahmed, 3rd Place: Bangladesh National Awards
Photographer: Mark L. Vicente, 1st Place: Philippines National Awards
Photographer: Chun Kin Tong, 1st Place: Hong Kong National Awards
Photographer: John Tao, 3rd Place: Taiwan National Awards
Photographer: Prabha Jayesh, 3rd Place: India National Awards
Photographer: Amri Arfianto, 2nd Place: Indonesia National Awards
Photographer: Ly Min, 1st Place: Cambodia National Awards
Photographer: Tuy Tran Van, 2nd Place: Vietnam National Awards
Photographer: Polpich Aey Komson, 1st Place: Thailand National Awards
Photographer: Deveni Nishantha Manjula, 1st Place: Sri Lanka National Awards
Photographer: Trần Minh Dũng, 3rd Place: Vietnam National Awards
Photographer: Fanjing Lu, 3rd Place: China National Awards
Photographer: Mohammad Amir Hamja, 1st Place: Bangladesh National Awards


Contributor: David Yen
Images Courtesy of World Photography Organization



供稿人: David Yen
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