Surrealism in the Search Bar 将现实进行“超现实”处理

August 21, 2018 2018年8月21日
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“If dreams are a translation of waking life, then waking life is likewise a translation of dreams.”

— René Magritte


The worlds created by Indonesian artist Musa Esrtungkoro, like those of celebrated surrealist painter René Magritte, have a powerful draw on people: they’re philosophically suggestive and highly enigmatic.


——雷内・马格里特(René Magritte)


来自印尼的画家 Musa Esrtungkoro 笔下的世界,和举世闻名的超现实主义画家玛格丽特一样,有着让人为之深深吸引的力量:富有哲学的内蕴,同时又极尽诡秘。


In the age of digital media, as opposed to the past, it’s easy to turn a vision into reality. Esrtungkoro can get inspiration from music, news, daydreams, or his immediate surroundings, then find suitable images online and import them into his illustration software. Next, he gives the images a “surrealist” treatment in Photoshop, using characters of his own design.

和传统绘画不同,得益于数媒时代的便利,Musa 在随时随地获取的灵感,诸如音乐、新闻、环境和梦境中汲取的点滴,都可以导入插图软件,再从网上找到合适的图片,然后用 Musa 自己设计创作的人物,在 Photoshop 上进行 “超现实” 处理。

Comfortably Numb

Comfortably Numb is a work inspired by the British band Pink Floyd’s song of the same name,” explains Esrtungkoro. “When I listen to the song I feel unexpected comfort, like being in the subconscious, where my body feels numb, like I’m flying through space and seeing planets while my body stays on earth.”

“比如《Comfortably Numb》这件作品,受英国乐队 Pink Floyd 的歌启发而作,我的作品与它同名。当我听这首歌时,我感受到了意想不到的安慰,就像沉浸于潜意识中,我的身体渐渐变得麻木,仿佛在太空中飞翔。最后,当我的身体停留在地球上时,我就看到了行星。”


Two constant sources of inspiration and encouragement for Esrtungkoro are the works of Magritte and those of contemporary digital collage artist Julien Pacaud. “When I see their works, I always wonder what they want to convey,” he says.

But he notes that, as an artist, he’s never tried to make his viewers “understand” his own works. “It’s up to them what they want to make of my works,” he explains. “I submit everything to their respective judgments, because I made these works only to pour out the contents of my heart that can’t be conveyed in the real world.”

一直给 Musa 以激励和灵感的,是雷内·马格里特(René Magritte)和朱利安·帕考(Julien Pacaud)两位超现实大家的作品。“当我看到他们的作品时,我总是想知道他们想通过他们的作品表达什么?”

但 Musa 觉得,以艺术家的身份出发,他从来没有想过让观者 “看懂” 自己的作品,“他们想从我的作品中得到什么,这取决于他们想要什么。我把一切都交给了人们各自的判断,因为我做这些作品,只是为了倾吐我内心深处无法表达的东西罢了。”

Modestly to Be High

Modestly to Be High depicts someone who is already tall but keeps looking down (modest),” says Esrtungkoro enigmatically. “I really like this work because he really lives in my head and reminds me of people whose lives are dedicated to helping others and looking after this aging universe, and I dedicate this work specifically to them.”

To approach his strange, surreal world built out of random objects, we may just need to switch up our point of view. Perhaps art is even truer, more moving than daily life.


“我最喜欢的作品是 Modestly to be High’(‘虚’高),它描绘的对象是一个已经很高的人,却一直往下看的样子,以示一种谦虚的姿态。” Musa 说,“这副作品一直存在在我的脑海里,它让我想起了那些毕生致力于帮助他人和照料这个宇宙众生的人,这件作品是我向他们致敬之作。”

在 Musa 用各种毫无关联之物所构建出来的超现实奇想世界里,或许我们换用一种超脱的眼界去看待,画,则可能比日常所见更为真实可感吧。

Nick Dark Pink Moon
Cello Song

Behance: ~/MusaEsrtungkoro

Contributor: Chen Yuan

Behance: ~/MusaEsrtungkoro

供稿人: Chen Yuan

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