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The Bed and Art Project (BnA) is a hotel and art initiative founded in 2015 by entrepreneurs Yu “Taz” Tazawa and Yuto Maeda, architect Keigo Fukugaki, and later joined by community liaison and art director Kenji Daikoku. Collaborating with up-and-coming Japanese artists, BnA creates one-of-a-kind livable art spaces that are available for booking by the public.

The Bed and Art Project (BnA)是由企业家Yu “Taz” Tazawa、Yuto Maeda和建筑师Keigo Fukugaki于2015年共同创立的一个酒店和艺术项目,后来社区联络官和艺术策划人Kenji Daikoku也加入了这个项目。BnA携手日本当地崭露头角的艺术家,共同打造一个宜居的艺术空间,并面向公众开放预订。

Samurai by MIZPAM
Deer God by SIMO
Samurai by MIZPAM
Raijin and Fujin by DOPPEL

The project was first implemented via Airbnb, with art apartments in Tokyo’s Ikebukuro neighborhood and Kyoto. The initiative was wildly successful and allowed the team to establish their flagship art hotel, BnA Hotel Koenji, in 2016. The hotel currently features two art rooms designed by local artists, a rooftop, the FRONTDESK cafe bar, and the BACKROOM basement gallery.

项目最初是以Airbnb为平台开始运行的,分别在东京池袋和京都推出艺术公寓。一经推出,便大获成功,团队也因此得以在2016年推出属于他们自己的旗舰艺术酒店——位于高圆寺的BnA酒店。该酒店目前有两间由当地艺术家绘画设计的房间,一个天台,一间FRONTDESK咖啡吧,以及一间BACKROOM 地下画廊。

BnA was founded to address common problems faced by artists and creatives – the lack of resources and financial stability, limited space to showcase and sell artwork, lack of networking opportunities, and a disconnect between creative-minded travelers and local art communities. In response to these issues, BnA developed its business model to empower artists financially, creatively, and professionally.




By implementing a revenue sharing business model, BnA allows artists to receive a percentage of the fee every time their room is booked. In addition, artists are given full creative control to design the rooms according to their visions, with support from architects, textile designers, carpenters, and lighting professionals. BnA Hotel Koenji also provides artists with space to exhibit their personal works, which are made available to the public for purchase.


Into the Foreign by Yohei Takahashi
Into the Foreign by Yohei Takahashi
Into the Foreign by Yohei Takahashi

The BnA team plans to expand the hotel with two new projects opening in Tokyo and Kyoto in the next year, and thirty to forty more rooms built around the Koenji neighborhood in the next three years. They also plan to take their business model to other cities and countries as a way to connect creative communities and empower artists.


Artwork by OT29
Artwork by Hideyuki Katsumata
Artwork by Jonjon Green

2-4-7 Koenjikita
Suginami, Tokyo

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Contributor: George Zhi Zhao
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高圆寺 2-4-7



供稿人: George Zhi Zhao
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