The Lighter Side 如果星星没电了怎么办?

August 8, 2018 2018年8月8日

A white cloud brought to tears by a barbecue’s smoke, a star that needs a recharge, a planet with a moon that keeps blocking its sight: breaking down the barrier between reality and fantasy, these images can’t help but bring a smile to your face.

The Beijing-based artist who created them, John Johnny, describes himself as “a decently indecent person.” His comes up with bold, creative animations featuring everyday objects. That’s because, as he puts it, he “likes anything that’s fun, and likes to make life fun.”


作者是约翰强尼,来自北京,喜欢用 “一个正经的不正经人” 来形容自己。他以日常物品为主体结合脑海里的各种奇思妙想,创造出天马行空的动图。用他自己的话来说,这是因为“喜欢一切有趣的东西,喜欢把生活变得有趣”。

《大自然的烦恼》系列 云
《大自然的烦恼》系列 星星
《大自然的烦恼》系列 沙漠
《大自然的烦恼》系列 火山

We say “everyday life” to mean something ordinary, but perhaps each day is an underappreciated miracle. “As I was doodling one day, I drew a character with a cute round head, and I thought it’d be fun to turn it into a GIF. Then I decided to make the round head into a sun instead.” Once you’ve got a sun, then you need a moon, and that’s how, with one idea after another, the Natural Exasperation series was born.

“What I like most is a mellow, simple style, something that’s relaxing to look at,” says John Johnny. “I think that’s what these times call for.”

我们每天称之为日常的生活,或许每个都是被忽视的奇迹。“有一天我在纸上涂抹,然后觉得一个圆脑袋挺可爱就想做个 GIF,就把圆脑袋变成了太阳……” 有了太阳,就有了月亮,也就有了他个人最喜欢系列《大自然的烦恼》。


《大自然的烦恼》系列 行星
《大自然的烦恼》系列 月亮
《大自然的烦恼》系列 太阳
《大自然的烦恼》系列 冰山
《大自然的烦恼》系列 大海
《大自然的烦恼》系列 小山

Weibo: ~/约翰强尼


Contributor: Chen Yuan

微博: ~/约翰强尼


供稿人: Chen Yuan

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