The Multi-Talented Prodip Leung

November 16, 2015 2015年11月16日

Prodip Leung is a Hong Kong-based painter, illustrator, graphic designer, and musician. His work often combines music with experimental art, drawing from the legacies of street art, cartoons, and pop culture. This year, Prodip was also one of the 12 artists brought together by Gap REMIX Project to reimagine the classic Gap logo in an exclusive collection of graphic tees.

Prodip Leung(梁偉庭)是一位香港畫家、插畫師、平面設計師及音樂人。他的作品提取了街頭藝術、卡通及流行文化的精髓,常常結合了音樂和實驗藝術。今年,Prodip也是參與2015年Gap REMIX項目的12位藝術家之一,該項目邀請每位藝術家以各自風格重塑經典的Gap logo,從而打造出一個限量版T恤系列。



He first started his creative journey about 10 – 15 years ago. At that time, he was the bassist for LMF, a pretty well-known Cantonese hip-hop group in Hong Kong. In addition to playing the bass, he was responsible for all of the group’s graphic design and album art. While in LMF, he started getting into painting, illustration, toy design, and a bit of apparel design. Since the beginning, he has always been very independent about his creative endeavors, focusing only on the things that he enjoys, which he believes is “the way it should be”.


Ever since he was little, he always wanted to make toys. His shelves are full of toys and skateboard decks. Books are also a very big source of inspiration for him. He likes to read a lot of books about UFOs, aliens, monsters, new-age topics, ancient mysteries, and generally just strange things. As an artist and creative, Prodip likes to consider himself first and foremost as a storyteller. Storytelling is a major part of his creative process. In fact, the first thing he needs before he starts is a good story. All of his stories come straight from his imagination.


When talking about his hometown, Prodip admits he has a love-hate relationship with Hong Kong. He was born there and he also grew up there, but because of his artwork, he runs into a lot of problems and restrictions. “There’s not much you can do here as an artist,” he says, “Hong Kong is a very traditional city and the media here doesn’t push the envelope when it comes to the arts and music, which holds the city back creatively compared to the Western world.” He adds, “Me and my peers all want to make Hong Kong a more diverse, exciting, and progressive place, but it’s pretty hard.”


Prodip is really into the writings of Jiddu Krishnamurti. More than anyone else, including other artists, Krishnamurti is a big source of inspiration. His teachings stress doing things not for money but rather for the soul, and how to nurture a happy, well-rounded self. This core principle has helped Prodip solve so many problems in his life. Krishnamurti’s writings have helped him prioritize what is important and focus only on the meaningful stuff.

Prodip非常喜歡Jiddu Krishnamurti的書。比起包括其他藝術家在內的任何人,Krishnamurti才是他最大的靈感來源。他的學說強調從心行事而非爲錢行事,以及如何完善自身,做一個快樂完滿的自己。這個核心理念幫助Prodip解決了人生中的許多問題。Krishnamurti的書讓他懂得把重要的事放在首位,懂得只專注有意義的事。

Beyond that, Prodip is basically against everything: religion, the social system, the education system, the financial system, everything. He says, “The modern world and modern society is broken and it’s our responsibility to fix it. This is something that I agree with wholeheartedly.”

除此以外,Prodip幾乎抵制所有東西:宗教、社會體系、教育體系、金融體系、所有事。他說: “現代世界和當代社會已經敗壞,改變它是我們的責任。這是我深信不疑的事。”

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Contributors: Leon Yan, Adam J. Schokora
Photographer: Adam J. Schokora

Instagram: @prodipleung


供稿人: Leon Yan, Adam J. Schokora
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