The Mystical Nature of Life

January 19, 2017 2017年1月19日

The mixed media works of Shanghai-based Mexican artist Francisco Hauss are eccentric creations, often comprised of whimsical sculptures layered on top of his otherworldly paintings. Whilst appearing light-hearted at first glance, each piece is actually rather symbolic. From the Big Bang to the formation of the ecosystem and the growing consciousness of its inhabitants, Francisco’s intentions are to present his interpretation of life and existence through art.

生活在上海的墨西哥艺术家Francisco Hauss所创作的混合效应法作品充满奇妙异想,包括奇特的雕塑以及风格神秘的绘画作品。乍看之下,这些作品的风格轻松诙谐,但实际上,每一件作品都诠释着Francisco生活概念下的理想——从大爆炸,到生态系统的构筑,再到生活在系统里的居住者日益丰富的意识。

Energy & Matter

To symbolise the Big Bang, Francisco creates each backdrop to appear cosmic-like in appearance – each piece is individually painted through a careful process that relies on the combination of colour pigments and chemical reactions.


Francisco 以宇宙般的画面作为每一幅作品的背景,象征宇宙大爆炸。每一件作品都依赖于颜料与化学反应的相互结合,经由严谨的创作过程单独绘制而成。


The ecosystem is symbolized through Francisco’s creation of 3D textures that represents earth’s living matter. The relationship and coexistence between plants, animals and other organic matter are brought to life through the varied use of colours and shapes across one canvas.


Francisco 以颇具立体感的 3D材料来代表地球上的生命物质,以此象征生态系统。通过丰富的色彩和形状,将植物、动物和其它有机物质之间的关系与共存生动地展现出来。


Francisco then molds a series of sculptures, which represents the gradual journey of earth’s ecosystem towards a steady stream of consciousness. Each sculpture takes after ancient totems, idols and shamans; they’re meant to be symbolic of our new age “gods”.



His completed work beckons to be slowly analysed and is centered by the delicate sculptures that Francisco tenderly creates from scratch. When they’re not on display in exhibitions, he sheepishly admits that he keeps each sculpture close, housing them in carefully wrapped pajama shirts.


Francisco’s most recent project is a social art showcase entitled Mystic Water. The project begins with bottles filled with “mystic water” that are provided free of charge at public events. As time progresses, the price of the water slowly increases to the point where attendees are no longer willing to purchase water. Francisco’s intention was to emphasise the importance of water as a necessity rather than a luxury. His attention to detail and desire to showcase his ideology are evident in every step of his creation process. Through art, Francisco hopes to impart a sense of positivity and spiritual interconnectivity to his viewers.

Francisco的最新项目是一个名为《神秘水》(Mystic Water的社会艺术展览作品。在项目一开始,他会在活动中免费提供一些“神秘水”矿泉水瓶。随着时间的推移,这些矿泉水瓶的价格会慢慢上升,直到参加活动的人都不再愿意购买为止。Francisco的意图是强调水作为生活必需品——而非奢侈品——的重要性。每一个过程,人们都能清晰地感受到他对细节的注重,以及他展示自己生活理想的热切渴望。Francisco希望不断通过自己的艺术作品分享正能量和精神力量。



Contributor & Photographer: Whitney Ng
Additional Images Courtesy of Chan Dick

Behance: ~/francisco_hauss


供稿人与摄影师: Whitney Ng
附加图片由Francisco Hauss提供