The Wanderlust of Sunga Park

March 8, 2017 2017年3月8日

Jaded by the daily grind of work, South Korean graphic designer and illustrator Sunga Park found solace in traveling around the world. Inspired by her travels, she would draw the buildings that she saw and the people that she met as a means of retaining these precious memories. Drawing these exotic locations became a form of respite for her, a welcome relief from her day-to-day routine.

厌倦了在韩国单调重复的生活,平面设计师和插画家Sunga Park选择周游世界,以调节自己。旅行的确带给她新的灵感,Sunga把旅行中看到的建筑物和遇见的人画下来,以保存这些珍贵的记忆。在旅行中画画带给她一个喘息的机会,将她从苦闷的生活中释放出来。

What makes Park’s work distinctive is her soft and fluid use of pen and watercolor. “Watercolor is the best medium for creating my art; the unpredictable characteristic of water allows me to give my art a natural aspect. My repeated attempts of working with watercolor led to a ton of failures. In a way, this medium taught me a lot about life.”

Sunga Park作品的独特之处,在于她对钢笔和水彩的出色运用,呈现出柔美而流畅的风格。“水彩是我创作时最好的伙伴;水的“不可预知”让我的作品中有一种自然的风格。在不断尝试用水彩创作的过程中,我也有过无数的失败。某种程度上,水彩也教会了我许多生活的道理。”

Park felt that her move from using software to using watercolor on real paper was truly liberating. “In graphic design, we have easy commands such as Ctrl+Z and Ctrl+S. But in reality, no one can save their real experiences onto a storage device and what we’ve done cannot be undone.” Working with watercolors led her to create a slew of projects in which she combines her previous graphic design experience with her love of visual art – she feels that her web design for House at Khlebny is one such project that has defined her as an artist.

对她来说,从电脑作画转为使用纸张和水彩作画是一种真正的解放。“用电脑创作平面设计时,我们可以很方便按下Ctrl+ Z和 Ctrl+S来操作。但在现实中,没有人可以将自己的真实体验保存到某个存储设备中,所有的行为都是无法撤消的。”她的水彩作品为她带来了许多设计项目的机会,在这些项目中,她将自己的平面设计经验与对视觉艺术的热爱出色结合。为 House at Khlebny 打造的网页和插画设计更她真正确定自己作为一名艺术家的身份。

Her most memorable travel experience took place when she was sketching along the streets of India and around Central Asia. In these countries, where she was unable to communicate in any language, she used art to bridge the gap. “Locals become really open-minded as soon as they came to understand what I was doing. They wanted to see my sketchbooks and even asked me if I could draw them. This is one of the greatest things that art can do – it allows me to share my talents with people and even give them a laugh.”


Currently on the move, Sunga feels incredibly blessed that her art has enabled her to travel to wherever her heart desires. Her upcoming itinerary includes a journey to Europe via the Trans-Siberian railway as well as North America and South America. This trip will form the basis of her next project, a foldable travel map that will depict all of her adventures. “The idea is to create a map that is almost like a book, so that I can share all of my travel stories with people that I meet on the road. My art can’t be completed on my own. It’ll be created with the people that I meet along the way.”

现在,Sunga 还在旅途中,她觉得自己十分幸运,因为艺术带她前往自己想要拜访的所有地方。接下来,她将要乘搭西伯利亚大铁路前往欧洲,之后再去到北美和南美探险。这趟旅行是为她的下一个项目作准备——Sunga要打造一个可折叠的旅行地图,在上面描画她的冒险旅程。“我想要创造一本像书一样的地图,这样我就可以和我在路上认识的人分享我在旅途中的故事。我的艺术不是由我自己一个人完成的,而是我和我一路上遇到的人一起创造的。”

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