The Work of Takehiro Tobinaga

November 4, 2015 2015年11月4日

Takehiro Tobinaga is an illustrator, who lives and works in Tokyo, Japan. His illustrative style clearly bears the strong influence of graffiti art and comics, but there is also a nostalgic element in his work that references traditional Japanese illustration, or perhaps even psychedelic poster art from the 1960s. Takehiro often gets his inspiration from music and films, but more importantly the fantastical forms in his artwork come from his own imagination and emotional world.


Although he primarily uses digital tools to create his art and admits to spending “an inordinate amount of time in front of his computer”, he also believes that it is important to do things in an analog style, to draw often by hand, and to be able to incorporate rougher and coarser textures in his illustrations. His process usually first involves making preliminary hand sketches, then creating the actual forms in Adobe Illustrator, and finally in the last stage, adding shades and textures with the Photoshop brush tool.

作品の制作には主としてデジタルツールが使われており、「コンピューターの前で多くの時間」を費やすことを飛永氏は認めていますが、アナログスタイルで制作する時は、多くの場合を手で描き、イラストにざらざらした粗い質感を取り入れることで作品に変化を与えることできることが重要であるとも考えています。飛永氏の制作プロセスでは、通常は最初に準備のためにスケッチをし、その後にAdobe Illustratorで実際の形態を作り、最後にPhotoshopのブラシツールで影と質感を加えます。



Earlier this year, to celebrate the 2015 release of Adobe Creative Cloud, Takehiro was commissioned by Adobe to create a special piece of work. Inspired by the sacred Kumano Kodo Trail in Mie Prefecture in Japan, Takehiro created a stunning large-scale light box that was later also exhibited on the trail itself. He chose to go to this location in Northern Japan because it is so unlike his usual office setting in Tokyo. Surrounded by tall office buildings and a fast-paced urban life, Takehiro decided to spend a week away in a more rural setting, drawing inspiration instead from nature.

2015 年リリースのAdobe Creative Cloud Maki itというキャンペーンにて、Adobe からの依頼で飛永氏は特別な作品を制作しました。三重県の神聖な熊野古道からインスピレーションを受け、飛永氏はその場で作品を作り、そして大スケールの見事なライトボックスのフレームに設置し、その後実際に古道に展示しました。普段の東京のオフィス環境とは全く異なる熊野古道へ、飛永氏自身が実際のロケーションを訪れました。高いビルに囲まれ、ペースの速い都会の生活を送っている飛永氏は、神秘的な自然の中で一週間過ごし、自然からインスピレーションを引き出しました。

In his final artwork, one can see Takehiro’s visual interpretation of all the forests, mountains, trees, waterfalls, and other natural sights that he encountered on his journey. He used Illustrator CC, Photoshop CC and some Adobe CC mobile apps to create the forms, textures and shapes in this most impressive work.

完成作品からは、森、山、木々、滝、そして飛永氏が道中で出会ったその他の景色の視覚的解釈に触れることができます。この最も印象的な作品における形態、質感、そして 形状を作るために、Illustrator CC Photoshop CC 及び一部のAdobe Creative Cloud モバイルアプリが使用されています。

Takehiro likes to describe his unique visual style as being distorted, even perhaps a bit deformed, in some ways nostalgic and retro, and quite ornate. One of the surprising things about his body of illustrative work is that despite being achieved through mostly digital means, it still feels quite organic and personal. In thinking about what the future holds, Takehiro believes that the most important thing is for him to be able to continue creating the kind of art that he enjoys to make, and to have fun while doing it.



Contributor & Photographer: Leon Yan
Video & Images Courtesy of Adobe



寄稿者&カメラマン:Leon Yan
Video & Images Courtesy of Adobe