Thrown for a Loop 怪奇空间

September 2, 2019 2019年9月2日

Sushi rolls made of people, human hearts fresh from the factory, eyeballs swimming like sperm: these dark comics, drawn in 3×3 grids, are the work of Chinese artist Mangchangzhi. (The name literally, and appallingly, translates to “cecum juice.”) A self-described washed-up painter, he claims he’s never studied art. But that hasn’t kept his work from attracting a devoted following.

Drawn in black, white, and crimson red, the series is composed of pithy frames that tell a story. Mangchangzhi hasn’t yet chosen a title, but he says he’s considering calling it “Loop,” because the first frame in every grid follows from the last frame in the previous one.



According to the artist, this interlinked style is less of an attempt to get people to think than an exercise in exploring and expanding his imagination. The idea for the first comic came to him on Valentine’s Day: two people meet, embrace, become entwined, and finally find themselves rolled together into a sushi maki, at which point they’re placed on a cutting board . . . It may be gruesome, but it’s not unoriginal.

“Drawing allows for more ambiguity, compared to speaking,” the artist says. “Even the viewers’ misunderstandings are interesting. You put what you want to convey into the picture, and people who understand you get it, while people who don’t get it also have their fun. And that’s fine.”



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