Tibet Trilogy

November 21, 2017 2017年11月21日
Roof 雪顶

Matt Lindén is an English-Finnish photographer who, for many years, has journeyed again and again to a place dear to his heart: the Himalayas. A graduate from the Master’s program in documentary photography at the London College of Communications, Lindén prefers his life of photographing distant lands to a life spent chasing society’s status quo. When traveling, he spends a large portion of his time learning about the local people, cultures, and histories of the places that he visits. In the two years that he spent living in Tibet, Lindén experienced everything from coming down with altitude sickness, to communicating in the Tibetan dialect that he learnt while living in Lhasa, to living with and alongside local families. While immersed in the local culture, Lindén documented his experiences in the Tibet Trilogya series of works that captures the majestic mountains and endless skies of Tibet in both color and monochrome.

马特·林登(Matt Lindén),芬兰籍英国摄影师,他常年会出没于挚爱之地:喜马拉雅。毕业于伦敦传媒学院纪实摄影硕士的他,不爱名利爱江山——他钟爱去到荒芜而严酷的环境中拍摄,用大量时间去了解特定地区的人文历史。在西藏旅居的两年中,他体会过高原反应、用在拉萨学会的藏语与当地人沟通、与藏民一同生活起居。深入了解当地的文化的时候,他亦创作了系列摄影作品《西藏三部曲》,有彩色、有黑白,有凌厉的雪山、也有包容的蓝天。藏地的自然风景,在他的镜头下,展现出浸润着情感的微光。

Overcome 征服
Stupas From Hepo Ri 哈不日山的佛塔
The King 万山之王

In Lindén’s Black and White series, the contrast between the land and the sky creates a stunning visual impact. Without having to worry about color, Lindén was able to capture the interplay of light and shadow to express the desolate mood of the unforgiving environment.


Energy 能源

“I felt like I was so far away from everywhere,
from Lhasa, from the world, from everyone.
Almost as if I’d found some distant, long-lost world.”

— Matt Lindén


Stormy clouds near Sera 色拉寺的雨云

In Lindén’s eyes, Tibet isn’t only a monochromatic world – it’s full of color as well, especially in moments when the sun highlights the fissures of the mountains, revealing them in all their splendor. His Colour series seems almost like a love letter from the photographer to his surroundings, recounting his treks through the Karuola glaciers.


Yak at Kharola 卡若拉冰川的牦牛
Slide 坡
Kharola I 卡若拉冰川 I
Blur 模糊

Lindén’s Electric series documents the photographer’s trip across Tibet by automobile. Capturing dusk and nightfall outside of his car’s window, Lindén somehow makes the vastness of the landscapes seem smaller and quieter. Through long and double exposure, Lindén reveals the blur of mountain ranges, shapes, and animals in dreamlike images.


Swim 游泳
Squiggle 波纹
Jump 跳跃
Earth 大地

Tibet Trilogy is currently on display at the BROWNIE Gallery Store in Shanghai, see details of the exhibition below.


Exhibition Dates: November 9th to December 7th, 2017
Opening Hours: Daily, 10am~10pm

Kerry Center (North Section)
1515 Nanjing West Rd, 2nd Floor, 06B
Jing’an District, Shanghai
People’s Republic of China

现在,马特·林登的摄影展《西藏三部曲》正在BROWNIE Gallery Store展出,欢迎大家前往观瞻。


展期: 2017年11月09日——2017年12月07日
时间: 早上10点至晚上10点

南京西路1515号 二楼 06B

Website: www.mattlinden.co.uk
Instagram: @itsmattlinden


Contributor: Chen Yuan
Images Courtesy of BROWNIE

网站: www.mattlinden.co.uk
Instagram: @itsmattlinden


供稿人: Chen Yuan
图片由 BROWNIE 提供