Toby & Cucumber 瓜,你在干嘛鸭?

November 21, 2018 2018年11月21日

With pudgy cheeks and a family-friendly charm, enacting little scenes and emotions, Toby and Cucumber are the cutest cartoon stickers for any conversation in WeChat, China’s go-to messaging app. And now that lovable duo are just about to turn two.

Their creator is the mysterious web cartoonist Chipmunk, a self-described homebody who lives in Shanghai. Neocha tracked her down for a game of twenty questions (or thirty-one, but who’s counting).

肉乎乎的脸蛋,一本正经地卖萌,再加上取材于日常的小场景和小情绪,怎么能不让人收藏嘛!秃比和小青瓜就是让人情不自禁想关注的表情系列之一,目前已经快满 2 岁啦。

而作为它们的作者网络漫画家花栗鼠 本人,确实一个神秘的阿宅,现居上海。在几番沟通之后,花栗鼠和我们玩了一个接力题游戏。


Name: Chipmunk
Gender: Same as Fafa (another character of hers who’s a girl)
Sign: Aquarius
Birthday: January 25th
Motto: We’ll cross that bridge when we come to it (lie down and take a nap).


姓名: 花栗鼠
性别: 和发发一样
星座: 水瓶
人生信条: 船到桥头自然直(趴下睡一会~)

What’s your favorite…?

Color: All of them.
Season: All of them too.
Age: Adulthood, you get more freedom as an adult!
Time to draw: Whenever I’m inspired.
Character, Toby or Cucumber: They’re both my kids, and I love them both.


春夏秋冬: 也都喜欢
做小孩还是大人: 大人啦,做大人比较自由!

Q and A

Q: Who are you most grateful to?
A: My parents, for raising me.

Q: What’s had the biggest influence on you?
My head’s such a mess, I don’t remember anymore.

Q: What did you dream of being when you were little?
A: I wanted to live without a care in the world.

Q: When did you start drawing?
A: In 2016.

Q: When you put out a new drawing or product, who do you most want to share it with?
My fans and my family.


最感谢的一个人: 感谢爹妈把我生出来
对你影响最大的人或事: 稀里糊涂的好像不记得了
小时候的梦想是: 长大能够无忧无虑自由自在的生活
第一次拿起画笔是: 2016年
出书出产品后最想分享给: 粉丝和家人

Q: How long do you draw each day?
A: If I’m in a good mood, I’ll draw for a few hours, and when I’m lazy, maybe I won’t draw at all.

Q: What time do you go to bed at night?
A: 12:00 a.m.

Q: What drives you crazy when you’re working?
A: Having no inspiration and being interrupted.

Q: What art sites do you most like to keep up with?
A: Behance, Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram.

Q: Who’s your favorite artist?
A: Kanahei.

Q: What was the last film you saw that you’d recommend?
A: Ken’en (a Japanese film from 2018)

Q: Is your personality more like Toby or Cucumber?
A: It’s probably a mix of both.

Q: Which WeChat stickers do you usually use?
A: A few funny homemade stickers.

通常一天画画多久: 心情好就多画几个小时,懒的时候可以一天不画
几点上床睡觉: 12点多
创作时无法忍受的是: 没有灵感and被打扰
最喜欢逛的几个创意网站: Behance、Pinterest、推特、Instagram 等
最喜欢的画家或艺术家: Kanahei
最近看过值得推荐的电影: 犬猿
性格上你更像秃比还是小青瓜: 综合吧
平时会用哪些表情包(除了自己的): 一些自制沙雕表情包

Q: What are you most looking forward to in the coming year?
A: Showing my cute drawings to more people.

Q: What’s your favorite thing about yourself?
A: My imagination.

Q: What’s your least favorite thing about yourself?
A: My lack of confidence.

Q: What would you do after winning the lottery?
A: Eat a lot, drink a lot, buy a lot of purses.

Q: Where do you see yourself in ten years?
A: Probably in the same place as now.

Q: If you could cast any magic spell, what would you cast?
A: A spell to have anything I worry about not happen. I’m pretty happy with my life at the moment, so I can’t think of anything else off the top of my head.

Q: What do you want most at this moment?
For my teeth to stop aching. I want some fried chicken!

未来一年里最期待的事: 让更多人认识我画的小可爱
对自己最满意的地方: 脑洞大
: 没自信
中了大彩票会打算: 吃吃喝喝买买包吧- -|||
觉得自己十年后会在哪里: 应该还在现在待的地方吧
如果会一种魔法你希望是: “任何担心的事都不会发生”魔法,因为一时也想不到目前想要什么东西,挺满意目前的生活了
此时此刻的愿望是: 牙不要再疼了,我想吃炸鸡!

Weibo: ~/花栗鼠Toby
WeChat: 一箱花栗鼠


Contributor: Chen Yuan

微博: ~/花栗鼠Toby
公众号: 一箱花栗鼠


供稿人: Chen Yuan

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