World of Zhu 當大自然正在萎缩

October 4, 2018 2018年10月4日

In World of Zhu, a collaborative project between Indian artists Svabhu Kohli and Viplov Singh, the creative duo has created a vibrant animal universe where bears, flamingos, and deer take center stage. Over the past few years, the two artists have worked together numerous times on nature-focused art that aim to educate people on the importance of protecting the environment.

“In the past few decades, there has been a visible change in the world around us,” Kohli tells us. “There are new stories and new conflicts, and in addressing these ideas, we’re learning and reflecting. We share our planet with these different species and our collective survival rests on the balance we share with them. Telling their stories feels important at a time when the natural world is fast disappearing.”

很明显,在 Svabhu Kohli Viplov Singh 的最新作品《World of Zhu》里,小熊、火烈鸟、梅花鹿,这些野生的动物与人一样,竞相出现在画布上 ,构成了画面的有机元素。在过去的几年里,两位艺术家合伙创作了一系列的有关自然的绘画作品,描绘出生态、环保、爱和教育等主题。

Svabhu 说:“在过去的几十年里,我们周遭世界有了显著的变化。现在我们看到的景色,有着全新的故事和冲突存在。而我们与这些动植物共享我们的地球,我们共同生存在这平衡之中。我认为,人与动物沟通的形式是多种多样的,在大自然正在‘萎缩’的时候,去描绘和讲述人与动物之间的故事,是相当重要的。”

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Contributor:  Chen Yuan

Behance: ~/svabhukohli | ~/viplovsingh


供稿人:  Chen Yuan