VSCO – Agfa Ultra 100 Agfa Ultra 100 胶卷模拟

April 10, 2019 2019年4月10日

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Great for bringing cloudy or dull settings to life, Agfa Ultra 100 (AU1) is the successor to Agfa Ultra 50 (AU5). Although AU1 and AU5 share similarities like high contrast and bright color, AU1 features cooler tones and a more balanced color palette. Ideal for all skin tones, make use of AU1 when editing portraits.

Agfa Ultra 100 – AU1 是 Agfa Ultra 50 – AU5 的进阶版,它能给场景添加阴天或昏暗的环境色。尽管 AU1 和 AU5 有其相似点,比如高对比度和明亮的颜色,但 AU1 的特点是更凉爽的色调和更平衡的调色板。并且,在编辑肖像时使用 AU1,它适合所有肤色的色调。