Color and Verse 她的笔下,把诗句可视化了

August 20, 2018 2018年8月20日

Traditional Chinese images of love—wind, flowers, snow and the moon, or oaths sworn to the mountains and seas—come largely from the world created by Tang and Song dynasty poetry. And in Zhang Mengke‘s works, poetry is a source and drawing is the medium. Her pink, mist-shrouded illustrations convey a poetic simplicity.

Inspired by music, fragrance, and dreams, along with the verse, dialogue, and palace settings of historical dramas on television, Zhang “makes verse visible” with an understated, suggestive style.


从音乐、气味、梦境,古代清宫剧中的诗句、对白和建筑场景产生的灵感,融合了淡雅的色彩和意蕴,张梦珂的笔下,“把诗句可视化” 了。

For Zhang, “poetry is profound and demands careful thought and patient appreciation. But because it often uses a particular meter or diction, it relies on reason and insinuation. Drawing, on the other hand, is the most intuitively visual medium—as soon as you look at a picture, you immediately feel something. That’s what I’m able to achieve in my art.”

You can see more of Zhang Mengke’s works below.



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Contributor: Chen Yuan

Behance: ~/kk_Meng


供稿人: Chen Yuan