Rabbit Holes in Shanghai

November 12, 2015 2015年11月12日



Street artist, The Orangeblowfish recently talked to us about some of the rapidly disappearing neighborhoods in Shanghai’s Wangjiamatou area. He has produced countless pieces of street art all around the city, in areas that are in the process of being demolished to make way for commercial high-rises.

街头艺术家The Orangeblowfish向我们讲述了上海王家码头强拆迁的一段故事。他在上海的很多街头都留下过自己创作的印记,而这些作品也随着街道被拆除而渐渐消失,取而代之的是高楼林立的大厦。

For The Orangeblowfish, his artwork is about giving back to the community and he also encourages other artists to do the same. “How would a doctor use his skills to contribute to charity? He would do something like Doctors Without Borders. What should creative people do? They should give back to their communities creatively.”

The Orangeblowfish创作,是为了回馈社区。用他自己的话说,他鼓励艺术家们跳脱自己去思考:“医生要怎样才算用自己的所学服务于慈善业?他们可能会投身于无国界医疗事业。那创意人呢?他们应该投身于自己所在的社会群体。”

He discusses the concept behind his abstract rabbit hole patterns, which are intended as a visual metaphor for forced relocation. “My whole idea with the rabbit hole is that they transport people, so that they may go somewhere else, wherever that may be.”


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Contributor: George Zhi Zhao

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