Chipping away the Layers 被印在墙上的你我

June 12, 2019 2019年6月12日



Ever since he first visited in 2012, Portuguese sculptor Alexandre Farto, aka Vhils, has felt a fondness for Shanghai, and the city forms the backdrop for many of his trademark chiseled portraits. On empty lots, construction sites, buildings slated for destruction, and out-of-the-way walls, he’s chipped away concrete and plaster to depict the faces of local residents. Vhils maintains strong ties to China, and in collaboration with the creative group Solid Dogma, he recently made a video in Shanghainese that commemorates his time in the city and pays homage to the people of who make it their home. It’s also a moody meditation on solitude and the difficulty of finding one’s place in the world.

自从 2012 年首次到访上海,葡萄牙雕塑家 Alexandre Farto(又名 Vhils)就对这座城市产生了浓厚的兴趣,并在这里下了多幅标志性的肖像作品。他在空地、建筑工地、围起来的待拆建筑物,到城市各个角落的墙壁上,在混凝土和灰泥上刻凿出一幅幅当地居民的面孔。Vhils 始终和这个国家有着千丝万缕的连接,最近,他携手创意团体 Solid Dogma,合力打造了一部短片,以纪念他在上海的时光,同时向那些以此为家的人致敬。另外,这部短片其实也是对孤独、对人苦苦寻求立命安身之所的深沉思考。

The portraits he creates occupy entire walls, like oversized monochrome photographs, and they call to mind the larger-than-life images of celebrities or political leaders. Yet unlike billboards or propaganda posters, these images show anonymous, everyday people, and by portraying them so prominently and at such a scale, the artist gives them a certain heroic dignity. He also leaves them in the open, where, almost like human faces, they change as they age and erode.

他所创作的肖像作品往往占据整幅墙壁,就像巨幅的单色照片一样,令人联想起那些名人或政治领袖的大幅照片。但不同于广告牌或宣传海报的是,Vhils 的肖像作品都是一些无名的平凡人物,通过如此大规模的肖像画,这位艺术家让这些平民呈现出一种英雄式的威严感。Vhils 让这些画裸露在外,因而它们也像人的脸庞一样,会被岁月慢慢侵蚀,留下印记。

Many of the public artworks that Vhils created were intended to be temporary, and some fell long ago to the wrecking ball. Yet he’s created a series of portraits at a similar scale for display in a museum setting that are now on display at Danysz Gallery in Shanghai. This show, Realm, an expanded version of one previously shown at CAFA in Beijing, allows viewers in Shanghai to experience for themselves these portraits in concrete, wood, and plaster, and to see with fresh eyes the faces of the city around them.

Vhils 创作的许多公共艺术作品都是暂时性的,其中一些作品很久以前就已经被拆掉了。然而,他专门为博物馆展览创作了一系列相似规模的肖像画,最近将于上海的 Danysz Gallery 展出。展览原在北京中央美术学院美术馆展出过,但本次以《境域》(Realm)为名,将呈现更丰富的作品和内容,让上海的观众可以亲自体验这些以混凝土、木材和灰泥创作的肖像作品,以全新的角度审视这座城市里的平凡面孔。

Realm is on display until June 19, 2019, at Danysz Gallery.

256 East Beijing Road
Huangpu District, Shanghai

Monday to Saturday, 10 am ~ 6 pm
Sunday, 12 pm ~ 6 pm


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Contributor: Allen Young
Chinese Translation: Olivia Li

《境域》(Realm)在 Danysz Gallery 展出至 2019 年 6 月 19 日。

北京东路 256 号

周一至周六 早上十点至晚上六点
周日 中午至晚上六点




Instagram: @vhils


供稿人: Allen Young
英译中: Olivia Li