A Message to the Future

August 28, 2017 2017年8月28日

Influenced by French philosopher Jean Baudrillard, the new ten-frame series by Chinese artist austin_sandwich explores the concept of hyperreality. The idea is that the human experience is simply a simulation of reality, and we’re unable to discern whether we’re truly living in reality or not. With each stamp-shaped frame, Zhu teases this concept by superimposing unlikely, surreal objects – such as statues of Greek gods, mysterious stairwells, and even the Los Angeles Walt Disney Concert Hall (a nod to Baudrillard referencing Disneyland as a prime example of hyperreality) – onto an identical backdrop, a geologic formation that changes in color from scene to scene. The retrofuturistic aesthetic that Zhu employed for this series is a way for him to express the relationship between our modern society and our future society. His ultimate goal is to “make people consider our lifestyles and living environments today and how it’ll affect the future.” See the series in its entirety below.

中国插画家austin_sandwich 的最新作品来源于法国哲学家让·鲍德里亚(Jean Baudrillard)作品中模拟物带来的一种超现实概念(Hyperreality)。按照这个概念,人类的经历只是对现实的简单模拟,我们无法辨别,自己到底是生活在现实或摸拟中。朱凌志将整个系列以邮票的框架呈现,把一系列看似毫无关联的事物叠加在一起,譬如希腊诸神的雕像,神秘的楼梯,甚至是洛杉矶迪斯尼音乐厅 (因为让·鲍德里曾在书中指迪斯尼乐园是超现实概念的典型例子),放在到同一个背景上。背景中的山地是一样的,但在不同场景中呈现了不同的色彩。在这一系列作品中,朱凌志以复古未来主义的审美,表达现代社会与未来社会关系,讲述他的意图——“让人们思考我们今天的生活方式和环境,以及它对未来的影响。”下面一起来欣赏这个全新系列吧。



Contributor: David Yen
Images Courtesy of austin_sandwich



供稿人: David Yen