The Collage Art of He Chong

October 5, 2017 2017年10月5日

Collage art has been a long-established form of art. It’s a versatile medium that’s unrestrained by conventional forms of artistic expression and can be used to document time, history, and change. Beijing-based artist He Chong is one of the few Chinese artists who work primarily in this medium. But aside from his collage art, He Chong is also an avid photographer whose weapons of choice are Lomography cameras. In a way, his style in both mediums is quite similar, psychedelic and surreal but presented in a unique retro aesthetic.


When talking about the current state of collage art in China, He Chong tells us: “Most of the collage works that people know of are made by foreign artists. In China, there are only a few artists that work in this medium, and most of them are art students who might learn about or use collage for a class assignment. But I feel that in both the fields of art and design, collage is a medium that has impressive visual potential. I believe it has a bright future.”


As a self-described reclusive artist, He Chong spends his free time with his wife creating collages, taking photographs, or walking in the park. He’s someone who has found happiness in living a laid-back lifestyle rather than chasing superficial pursuits. He Chong’s work is much like his attitude towards life, relaxed and unconstrained. The creative freedom of collage art seems to perfectly go hand in hand with the mellow, carefree attitude that He Chong lives by.




Contributor: Sonic Yuan



供稿人: Sonic Yuan