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April 21, 2016 2016年4月21日



City Hermit is a local homegrown Chinese skate brand and the brainchild of illustrators Curious Boy and Yong Yu. The two were originally from Nanchang and Jinhua respectively, but later met in Shanghai and connected over their mutual interest in skateboarding.

City Hermit是来自于中国本土的滑板品牌,它是插画师Curious Boy和于新勇的合创品牌。分别来自南昌和金华的二人,在上海相遇,并因为对滑板的共同兴趣而相识相交。

The story took a profound twist when this creative duo then decided to take their passion for riding and turn it into a fully fledged skateboard brand, and thus City Hermit was born. The illustration style that is applied to the skateboard decks takes on the elements of graffiti and street art. Most of the artwork also includes depictions of the artists themselves, presented either through self-portraits or fictitious characters.

随后,当这创意二人组决定将他们玩滑板的激情,转换成City Hermit这样一个成熟的滑板品牌时,故事就这么发生了一次意义深远的大转折。滑板上的插画风格融合了涂鸦和街头艺术的元素。多数作品,或通过自画像,或通过虚构角色,仍描绘了艺术家们自身。

In the early 80s, skateboarding in China was a very rare sight and the subculture surrounding the sport was nonexistent. Shanghai has played an influential role in the burgeoning subculture of skateboarding in China. It is home to the “Godfather” of skateboarding in China, Jeff Han (aka Han Minjie). Han developed the first skate shop in Shanghai, founded Gift skateboards, co-founded Fly Streetwear and also runs a professional skate team. Alongside him are artists and creators like Curious Boy who are helping to develop art and illustration within the growing subculture of skateboarding in China.

80年代早期的中国,滑板运动极为罕见,该运动的周边亚文化更是荡然无存。在中国滑板亚文化的兴起过程中,上海扮演了举足轻重的角色。这里有中国的滑板“教父”—Jeff Han  (亦为韩敏捷)。他在上海开了第一家滑板商店,创办了滑板品牌Gift,联合创办了Fly Streetwear,并且运营着一支专业的滑板团队。与他比肩前行的,是Curious Boy这样的艺术家和创作者们,他们帮助推动插画和艺术在日渐壮大的中国滑板亚文化的发展。

City Hermit is pushing the boundaries when it comes to the amalgamation of illustration and the underdeveloped skate culture in Shanghai and China. Every one of their decks has a fresh, one-of-a-kind design, and it is these illustrations that are the driving force behind the brand. The skateboard decks are designed and made in Zhejiang. These skateboards are available for purchase online.

City Hermit正在极力推进插画和上海乃至中国范围内这个发展中的滑板文化的融合。他们每个人的滑板上都有着清新、独一无二的设计,也正是这些插画成为了品牌背后的驱动力。这些滑板设计、生产于浙江,在线上进行销售。



Contributor & Videographer: Mireille Paul
Photographers: Mireille Paul, Cathy Ye



供稿人与摄像师: Mireille Paul
摄影师: Mireille Paul, Cathy Ye