A Touch of Spring 春光正暖,百花绽放

October 16, 2018 2018年10月16日

“My name is Xuan Loc. It means spring bud.” Perhaps what gives the art of Vietnamese illustrator Xuan Loc Xuan such a lasting charm, with its fresh, springlike colors, is the meaning behind her name.

Xuan’s simple tones are taken from nature’s loveliest scenes: the greens of open fields, the blues of sea and sky, and the pinks of new spring buds provide the palette for her artwork. “The immense blue sky with small white clouds, the beautiful wild beaches, the erratic weather in Saigon—all of these inspired me in my work.”

“我的名字 Xuan Loc,意思是春芽。” 春光正暖,百花绽放,也许正是这股天生的春意,赋予了越南插画师 Xuan Loc Xuan 的画作中这股始终都在的旖旎和温柔。


Xuan painstakingly plans every detail in her art. Under the misty hues of smoke or clouds lies a layer of coarse paper fibers, and together these textures and hues combine to create a simple, natural effect. “I tend toward minimalism,” she says. “I use color as a main factor in my works. For me, colors determine the strength of a picture. As for my technique, I don’t draw surroundings or use background color but focus on the main subject. I carefully portray everything, from the eyes to the rosy cheeks to the corner of the mouth. Sometimes the smallest elements become the main attraction.”

Xuan Loc Xuan 细致地勾勒出画中每一个细节,除了那些如云烟般缥缈的用色,还有一层纸张的纹路质感,让色彩和质地相互交乘,调和出一股自然质朴的味道。“我喜欢极简的设计,颜色是我最重视的元素。对我来说,颜色能决定一幅作品的力度。所以我通常不会在背景加上过多颜色,我专注在主体上,细心地画出从双眼、泛红的脸颊、到嘴角的小细节。因为通常就是这些小东西,能成就一幅画最为吸引人的地方。”

Behance: ~/XuanLocXuan
Instagram: @xuanlocxuan


Contributor: Yang Yixuan

Behance: ~/XuanLocXuan
Instagram: @xuanlocxuan


供稿人: Yang Yixuan