The Chaos of Hong Kong

October 11, 2017 2017年10月11日

Duran Levinson is a filmmaker originally from Cape Town, South Africa. Aside from filmmaking, he’s an avid globetrotter and photographer whose travels have taken him throughout Asia. He admits the massive metropolises of Asia fascinate him way more than his hometown. Out of his travels, one of his favorite locations to capture is Hong Kong, a place he frequently visits every year for weeks at a time.

Duran Levinson是一名来自南非开普敦的影片制作人,但在拍摄影片之外的时间,他也喜欢带着他的相机去四处拍照。除了他的家乡南非之外,他更情迷亚洲的城市,香港就是其中一个他特别钟情的拍摄地点。Duran每年会去香港旅行几次,每次待上半个月左右的时间。

“The Kowloon side of Hong Kong appeals to me the most because of the chaos and beauty,” Levinson fondly describes. “I love that it’s so messy, so busy, and so cluttered. For photography I would say it is one of the most interesting places in the world I have ever photographed in.”


Beyond the chaotic beauty of Hong Kong, Levinson’s love of the city can also be attributed to the people he’s met there. “I have so many great friends in Hong Kong. I always enjoy spending time there working and shooting with new and old friends. I believe people in Hong Kong are more exposed to creativity than a lot of other Asians, and this can help with planning and organizing shoots. I find that my friends in Hong Kong are always down for adventure and spontaneous photo missions.” See more of Hong Kong through his eyes below.

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