Between Dreams & Reality

July 5, 2017 2017年7月5日

Jenny Yu is a Chinese-American artist and illustrator based in Los Angeles, California. She is the environment concept artist at Mindshow, an app for creating, sharing, and experiencing shows in VR. Her digital illustrations create worlds that border between the edges of fantasy and reality, expressing whimsical moments through lighting, color, and shape.

Jenny Yu是一位来自洛杉矶的美籍华人艺术家和插画家。她是Mindshow(一个创作、分享和体验VR动画电影的应用)的环境概念艺术家。她的数字插图呈现出一个界乎于幻想和现实之间的世界,通过光线、颜色和形状来演绎种种奇妙的瞬间。

Yu’s most notable influence is Hayao Miyazaki, but others include Yuri Norstein, Makoto Shinkai, Kazuo Oga, and Kevin Dart. In addition to animation, she looks towards film, cinematography, and photography for inspiration, citing the late Chinese director and photographer Fan Ho as another one of her influences.

对Jenny Yu的创作影响最深的是日本动画大师宫崎骏,除此之外,还有俄罗斯动画导演Yuri Norstein,新海诚(Makoto Shinkai),男鹿和雄(Kazuo Oga)和美国动画人Kevin Dart 等等。除了动画,电影、电影摄影和摄影作品也启发着她的创作。她表示已故中国导演和摄影师何藩也是一位对她影响很大的创意人之一。

In addition to studying the works of other artists, Yu takes inspiration from her own life and memories. She says, “Most of my inspiration comes from feelings and experiences from childhood that I selfishly want to preserve and the ephemera of moments.” Taking seemingly ordinary moments from everyday life, she manages to create images that are nostalgic, magical, and fleeting – images that she hopes will help “soften the edges of living.”

除了研究其他艺术家的作品之外,Jenny Yu也会从自己的生活和回忆中寻找灵感。她说:“我的大部分灵感来自于童年时期自己尤其珍视的心情和经历,以及每个时刻的稍纵即逝性。”她将看似平凡的日常生活场景,创作成充满怀旧风格和奇妙魅力的瞬间性画像,希望这些画像可以“朦胧美化现实的生活”。


Contributor: George Zhi Zhao

Behance: ~/jennyyuu


供稿人: George Zhi Zhao