Birdstriking 所有的吵闹都消失在节奏里

November 21, 2016 2016年11月21日



The term birdstriking is aviation jargon that describes the collisions between birds and aircraft in mid-flight. The collisions may be intentional or unintentional, and can sometimes cause damage to the aircraft. When Hefan, the guitarist, vocalist and one of the founding members of the Beijing rock band Birdstriking, first heard this term, he thought to himself, “How can a bird, an animal of just flesh and blood, damage a gigantic airplane that’s made of metal and steel? That is really pretty amazing.” Moving at 80 kilometers per hour, birds can actually generate 216,000 newtons of force on impact. After learning about this, Hefan gained a newfound respect for energy and life. He hopes that the band’s music can generate the same amount of energy, and make a similar kind of impact on listeners.

鸟撞这个词是一个航空的行话,讲的就是鸟撞飞机。这个撞可能是有意识也可能是无意识的,有时甚至能撞坏飞机。当吉他手和主唱,也是创始人之一的何凡,第一次听到这个词的时候,当时他就想,“血肉之躯的鸟怎么可能把钢铁飞机撞坏呢,这现象真是够牛逼的。” 鸟飞行的时速有80公里每小时梦产生21.6万牛顿的力量。何凡知道这事后,对生命的力量产生了新的敬畏。他希望鸟撞的音乐也带给听众同样的能量,冲撞进人们的内心。

Take a listen to some select tracks from Birdstriking below:

 Birdstriking – Yuntianming

 Birdstriking – Magpie

 Birdstriking – No More Rock and Roll


 鸟撞 – 云天明

 鸟撞 – 喜鹊

 鸟撞 – No More Rock and Roll

The band was formed in 2009, when Hefan met Wang Xinjiu, the band’s original drummer and now guitarist. Later, the original bassist Yang Fan joined the group, and the three of them became the first iteration of Birdstriking. With the addition of a few new band members and some shuffled roles, the group sounded even better and with a fuller, more layered sound. When they are crafting songs, they will often have clashing ideas, but for the group, this is all part of the fun. On the new album, there are the lyrics “Half-hearted conversations and sincere smiles / disagreements fade away in the rhythm”, which they say perfectly summarize the band’s state of mind. As for their style, is it grunge? garage? punk? psychedelic? Hefan likes to think of it as just being indie rock. For him and the rest of the band, it doesn’t matter what genre they are classified under. After all, isn’t enjoying the music the most important thing?

鸟撞在2009年成立,当何凡遇到了当时的鼓手现在的吉他手王欣九,后来贝斯手杨帆加入了乐队,三人成为鸟撞乐队最早的阵容。后来也加入了几名新团员以及一些人员变动,让这个乐队创作更丰富了,也更有层次了。大家在写歌的时候想法有更多的碰撞,也更好玩儿了。在新专辑里,有句歌词:“无心的对话和真心的微笑,所有的吵闹都消失在节奏里。” 完美地概括了鸟撞乐队的状态。至于他们的风格,是垃圾摇滚吗?车库摇滚?朋克摇滚?迷幻摇滚?何凡认为就是独立摇滚,无需在意风格,喜欢就好。

The new album, which will be released next year, was produced by Ricky Maymi, the guitarist for The Brian Johnstown Massacre. He was also the tour manager for the band’s 2015 North American tour. The decision to have him help them produce the album came very naturally. One day when they were on tour, Ricky asked the band, “Who’s producing your next album?”. The band just said, “We want you to produce it,” and he said okay. Whether it was in music or in everyday life, Ricky would give the band a lot of inspiration. On tour they would often just chat and joke around, so it was only natural to have him produce the album too.

明年会推出的新专辑,由Brian Johnstown Massacre的吉他手Ricky Maymi制作。他也是鸟撞2015北美巡演的巡演经历。决定让他来帮助鸟撞制作的新专辑是非常随性的。巡演中的一天Ricky问鸟撞:“你们下一张专辑谁制作?”鸟撞说:“我们想让你制作。”然后他说好的。无论是音乐还是日常生活,Ricky都给了乐队很多启发。巡演中大家也经常聊天和开开玩笑。这专辑让Ricky制作也是自然而然的事儿了。

Hefan says, “The new album is meant to be inspirational, and is dedicated to every young person who feels confident about the future. It’s like a promise to the future. All five of us in Birdstriking are around 25 years old. We all feel like kids who are entering the next stage of adulthood, and right now we are slowly conforming to societal expectations. During this time in our lives, it feels like we‘re just trying to express ourselves, but venting isn’t cathartic enough. To make actual changes to the world, there needs to be action. When a person is dreaming, no matter how good they feel about the dream, it won’t affect reality in the slightest bit. We need to wake up, get our blood flowing, and use our brain and our own two hands to turn our dreams into something real.”


Next year will be an important year for Birdstriking. The band’s new album will be released early in the year, and they’ll also be touring and attending lots of music festivals. They hope that more people outside of China will start to fall in love with Chinese bands. Bassist Zhou Nairen really wants to keep making more music that the group can be proud of, and hopes that Chinese rock will only get better over time. In recent years, many live houses in Beijing that have been around for a long time have ominously started to close. From watching gigs at these venues, to actually playing at them, there is a sense of emotional attachment for the band to these places. At the moment, it is unclear how this all will affect Beijing’s music scene in the future. Birdstriking just hope that more Chinese young people who love rock music can pick up an instrument and form bands of their own. This, for them, is the most important thing.

明年对鸟撞来说会是很重要的一年。乐队的新专辑会在明年发行,也会开始巡演和参加很多的音乐节。他们希望更多外国人会开始喜爱中国的乐队。贝斯手周乃仁也希望能够制作更多乐队可以引以为傲的音乐,希望中国摇滚可以走的更好。在最近的几年里,北京以前开了很久的live house都关门了。从最早看演出到后来自己演出,对北京这些大大小小的场地多少有些感情。鸟撞希望更多中国喜欢摇滚的年轻人,可以学一门乐器,组个自己的乐队。对他们来说,这就是最重要的事儿了。



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