Black Holes and Strange Worlds 颅内星球避难所

April 5, 2018 2018年4月5日

Despite a gravitational force strong enough to swallow light, black holes don’t actually destroy everything inside them. According to the late Stephen Hawking, black holes aren’t as “black” as we think. Matter or energy pulled beyond the event horizon might still find a way out, or even emerge in another universe. 

This may be true enough of real black holes, at least in one scientist’s theory. But the black holes imagined by Korean illustrator Sangho Bang are very different. For him, they’re an otherworldly refuge.


那是一个科学家头顶上的星空,和他对黑洞的理解。而对于来自韩国的插画艺术家 Sangho Bang 来说,他心中畅想的黑洞,更像是一处宇宙避难所。

Bang draws outlandish creatures prowling across psychedelic terrains dotted with gaping craters and lumpy bulges. “My work is mainly about building a world of other planets, depicting their landscapes and inhabitants, and giving them artistic expression,” he explains. “On the planets I create, everything is extremely primitive: creation, disintegration, and copulation.”

在 Sangho 创造的星球上,你会看到无数形态怪谲的生物,像是变异的多囊细胞核,充斥在鲜艳颜色迷幻孔洞世界。“我的作品主题主要是建立行星世界,描述景观,并通过艺术媒介表现出来,” Sangho 说,“在我创造的星球上,创造、爆炸和交配,一切都是非常原始的。”

For Bang, black holes are portals to an unknown world. “When I peer into those holes, I can see other worlds inside,” he says. “And the worlds in those holes have holes of their own. This chain of interlinked black holes means we can never know the exact scale and location of these worlds.”

而黑洞是通道,连接的是另一个未知的世界。“当我往这些洞里看进去时,我可以看到里面出现了其他的世界,也看到了其他世界里一样的洞。这种黑洞一层层的连锁循环,阻止了我们猜测世界大小尺寸或具体位置的可能,” Sangho 说。

Bang’s worlds are refuges, a sanctuary for his own real-life emotions. Like emotions, these worlds are constantly in flux: the organisms and spaces on the planets he creates can be microscopically small or larger than the sun; the entire planet might appear as an animal’s head or a plant leaf. There’s no order or logic, and nothing has to respect or resemble the world as it actually is.

“Whether we’re stepping into an invisible space or a vast, boundless universe, our imagination lets us enter the black hole and probe even its furthest reaches.”

这里也是 Sangho 作为自己现实和感受的避难所。在这个星球上,空间和生物体可以像细胞一样小,也可以比太阳还大;星球的形状也千变万化,可能是动物的头颅,可能是细胞或植物。一切都不必参考和遵循既有的存在,也没有秩序和概念。


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Contributor: Chen Yuan

Behance: ~/bangsangho
Instagram: @bang.sang


供稿人: Chen Yuan