Black Waves

February 13, 2017 2017年2月13日



teamLab‘s digital installations are a roving series of artistic works that utilise light, sound, movement and motion to create interactive spaces. Recently, teamLab brought Dance! Art Exhibition, Learn & Play! Future Park to Taipei’s Huashan 1914 Creative Park, where the exhibition will remain until April 9th.

日本艺术团体teamLab所创作的数字装置是一系列利用光、声音和动作来创造互动空间的艺术作品。近日,teamLab在台北华山1914文化创意产业园区举办了名为《Dance!Art Exhibition, Learn & Play! Future Park》的展览,展览将一直持续至2017年4月9日。

Amongst the many vibrant installations, Black Waves stands alone as an emotive showcase of one consistent scene – that of the unforgiving great ocean. Upon entering the exhibition, visitors are boxed in to dark room, illuminated only by the rolls and roars of crashing waves.

在众多艺术装置中,《Black Waves》脱颖而出,它是无间断影像装置,通过不间断的海浪画面,引发观众的情感共鸣。一进入展览,观众就置身于黑暗的空间中,只剩层层翻滚的海浪发出的亮光。

The waves themselves are computer generated in a 3D virtual space and presented as a continuous body. This was achieved by calculating the interactions of hundreds of thousands of particles. These particles were then extracted and lines were drawn in relation to their movement to create the artwork; teamLab refers to this technique as creating an ultra-subjective space.

这些海浪是电脑模拟出的3D虚拟空间,连续不断地出现。创作者需要对几十万颗粒的相互作用进行计算,然后提取出这些颗粒,根据颗粒的动作绘画出线条,从而创作出这一艺术作品。teamLab 称这种创作方法为“创作超主观空间”。

Beyond the crushing sound of the ocean’s waves, which was designed by Hideki Takashashi, the exhibition remains mostly quiet. Visitors feel completely immersed into the exhibition – as time passes, it will almost feel as if the waves are physically engulfing all your senses. Beyond being an artistic spectacle, Black Waves is a solace for visitors who seek to soothe their mind. Despite it’s looping facade, one could easily spend hours here.

装置中的海浪声由Hideki Takashashi创作,除了这些海浪声之外,整个展览大部分时候都是安静无声的。观众能充分沉浸于展览中。随着时间的推移,让人感觉到好像海浪正席卷身体所有的感官。《Black Waves》除了是一个奇妙的视觉作品,更能抚慰和平静观看者的内心。尽管所有画面都是循环出现,但置身于展览中让人一不小心就会度过数小时。

teamLab remarked that Black Waves was inspired by Japanese paintings of oceans and rivers, where by these bodies of water were expressed as a series of lines; these lines allow the viewers to see the waves as a living entity. “This is a way of seeing the world that lures us in and allows us to feel that there is no boundary between ourselves and nature.”

teamLab表示,《Black Waves》受到了日本有关河流和大海的绘画作品的启发。在这些绘画作品中,画家多通过线条来表现水体,让观众将海浪看作是一个生命体。“这是一种观察世界的方式,十分引人入胜,让我们觉得自己与自然融为一体,没有分界。


Contributor & Photographer: Whitney Ng
Video and Additional Images Courtesy of teamLab



供稿人与摄影师: Whitney Ng

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