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INORI–PRAYER is a collaboration between Japan-based visual design studio WOW Inc., creative production team TOKYO, the Ishikawa Watanbe Laboratory at the University of Tokyo, and iconic dance duo AyaBambi. The project was the brainchild of Nobumichi Asai, the creative director of WOW Inc. Inspired by Yosuke Nagao’s music, Asai felt the music embodied a radioactive, destructive power. Together, the visuals and choreography work together to present a vision of “death, suffering and sadness.”

《INORI–PRAYER》是日本视觉设计工作室 WOW Inc.携手创意制作团队TOKYO,东京大学的石川渡辺研究室以及舞蹈组合AyaBambi一起打造的数码艺术项目。项目由 WOW 创意及技术总监Nobumichi Asai 发起。他在听到Yosuke Nagao的配乐后,深受启发,觉得它象征了一种放射性般的破坏力。通过将视觉效果和舞蹈相结合,表达出“死亡、痛苦和悲伤”的情绪。

One of the main challenges of the project was to ensure that the facial mapping would be precise throughout the entire dance segment. After three months of trial and error, the team managed to reduce the projection delay down to mere milliseconds — this was accomplished through the use of DynaFlash, a state-of-the-art 1,000 fps projector with an ultra high-speed sensing system. The projected images take on the form of a second skin, which continuously distort and transform the faces of AyaBambi’s two dancers throughout the entire performance.

这个项目的主要挑战之一是确保在整个舞蹈环节中获得精确的面部映射。历经三个月的试验后,团队使用最先进的1000fps DynaFlash 超高速传感投影机,成功地将投影延迟减低至数毫秒,投影图像宛如舞者的第二层皮肤,更使得AyaBambi 两位舞者的面孔在整个表演过程中扭曲和变幻出各种图案。



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