Carved in Stone

December 22, 2017 2017年12月22日

Created by multimedia artist Song Hyoung Kang, Carved in Stone is a sculptural project that superimposes familiar architectural elements onto objects modeled after rocks. With an attentiveness to detail and a focus on textures, Song has crafted a series of surreal, miniature worlds out of unlikely materials.

Carved in Stone》系列的创作者系生于韩国长于美国的艺术家Song Hyoung Kang。在她这系列的作品中,Song结合了自己对结构和纹理的兴趣,将细腻且迷你的建筑叠加在圆形的岩石表面上,以类似浮雕的形式塑造了一个看似在石头中的超现实微观世界。

Born in Korea and raised in the U.S., Song cites her exposure to the two cultures as an influential factor in her artistic sensibilities. From the age of four onwards, she frequently traveled between the two places. “When I’m not going to Korea, I try to travel as often as I can afford,” she explains of her habits. “I think my love for scenic, organic, and architectural subjects matters is reflective of my love for travel and new experiences.”


Despite her impressive sculptures, Song’s interest with the medium didn’t begin until college. With limited resources at the time, she relied on materials she could easily get her hands on. “The majority of my sculptures are made from recyclable or found scrap materials: cardboard, smaller plastics, straws, foam, and even dried pasta,” she explains. “[…] The priority then was to be budget friendly. For the Carved in Stone series, the bases of the sculptures are all made out of foam. I shaped them and used paper maché to create the stone-like appearance. Using found scrap materials like wooden reeds, beads, and clay, I built the architectural structures along the curved surface of the ‘stone.’”

这样的雕塑主题其实是Song在进入大学之后才接触到的创作形式。“我的大部分雕塑都是用可回收的材料或找到的废料做的……当时首先要考虑的是是否能符合预算。在这个《Carved in Stone》系列中,雕塑的基座都是用泡沫制成的。我把它们先做成型,然后用纸塑来创造像石头一样的外观。我用的材料都是找到的废弃物,比如芦苇杆、珠子和粘土,之后我就沿着‘石头’的弯曲表面建造了这样的建筑结构。”

Even though 3D sculptures and 2D illustrations are quite different from one another, Song has observed that the two mediums are able to influence each other. “My sculptures are a way for me to reimagine forms and create new textures that I can apply to my drawings. My drawings are ways for me conceptualize space that I can later condense into physical objects. I feel like by making both sculptural and flat works, I have a greater understanding of what I hope to convey in my art as a whole.”

Behance: ~/song_kang

Contributor: Chen Yuan

Image Courtesy of Song 형 Kang

Behance: ~/song_kang

供稿人: Chen Yuan

图片由Song 형 Kang提供

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