Cities & Places with Ryota Unno

July 3, 2017 2017年7月3日
(1400 x 2800 mm)

Ryota Unno is a Japanese artist whose work brings a playful and contemporary twist to traditional Japanese scroll painting. A graduate of the Tokyo National University of Fine Arts and Music with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Japanese Painting, Unno is influenced by the art of the Edo period and employs traditional techniques in his creative process. Using traditional materials, such as iwaenogu (mineral pigments) and gold foil, on Japanese paper, Unno tells colorful stories about life in modern society set in cities across the world. His work has been exhibited in Japan, as well as internationally in the U.S., Hong Kong, Brazil, Italy, Taiwan, and Singapore. See below for more of the artist’s work.

日本艺术家Ryota Unno 以现代和俏皮的风格重新演绎了日本的传统卷轴画。Unno毕业于东京艺术大学,并获得了日本绘画美术的学士学位。他深受江户时代艺术的影响,喜欢运用传统绘画技巧来进行创作。Unno在日本纸上使用“岩绘具”iwaenogu(一种天然矿物颜料)和金箔等传统材料,以色彩丰富的画面展现出世界各地城市现代社会生活的故事。他的作品曾在日本,以及美国、香港、巴西、意大利、台湾、新加坡等地展出。下面一起来欣赏一下这名艺术家的更多作品吧。

A Mafia Loves Hot Springs
(600 x 720 mm)
Washington, D.C.
(1400 x 1400 mm)
Washington Park
(800 x 400 mm)
Central Park
(1400 x 700 mm)
(1400 x 2100 mm)
(1400 x 2800 mm)
Tower Life
(1400 x 1400 mm)
Chelsea Market
(800 x 560 mm)



Contributor: George Zhi Zhao



供稿人: George Zhi Zhao

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