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September 7, 2017 2017年9月7日

The 2017 edition of the Concrete & Grass Music Festival will be kicking off on September 16th and 17th in Shanghai. Organized by Split Works, the annual festival is well known for hosting an eclectically diverse spectrum of artists and genres. Rather than bringing in the expected mainstream musicians and bands of other festival lineups, Concrete & Grass boasts as many domestic acts as international acts and a roster with no repeats of attending acts from the previous year. With this unique curation approach, Concrete & Grass is designed for music lovers who are open to hearing avant-garde and alternative sounds; it’s a festival that’s unafraid of offering a completely new and unexpected experience for attendees each and every year.

2017混凝草音乐节(Concrete & Grass Music Festival)将于9月16日至17日在上海举办。这个一年一度的音乐节由Split Works主办,以其风格多样的演出阵容而为人熟知。 混凝草音乐节没有跟其它音乐节一样,把目光放在当下的主流歌手和乐队,它所邀请的国内和国际歌手和乐队数量相等,并且每年的演出阵容都不会跟去年重复。这一独特理念表明混凝草音乐节是专为那些喜欢前卫和另类音乐的音乐爱好者而设的,每一年,为听众呈献一场前所未有、出人意料的全新听觉体验。

“Life can be somewhat homogenous in Chinese cities,” says Archie Hamilton, one of the co-founders of Split Works. “There isn’t an awful lot of places or environments where you can go to get a taste of something completely different. Even festivals get homogenized very quickly. Concrete & Grass is a place less ordinary. This is a place you’ll hear music you’ve never heard before, you’ll see things you’ve never seen before, and we want everyone to come and be a part of that experience.”

Split Works的共同创始人之一Archie Hamilton说:“在中国,不同城市的人们的生活大都很类似。你很难找到太多的地方或环境去体验新事物。就连音乐节的同质化也很快。而混凝草音乐节则不太一样。在这里,你可以听到你从未听过的音乐,看到你从未看过的表演,不仅如此,我们希望所有来参加音乐节的人都能成为其中的一部分。”

This year, Concrete & Grass will offer five stages split into three differently themed areas: The main area, Downtown, will feature the headliners and a selection of more accessible music; For heavier sounds, visitors can drop into the Thunderdome, which will be playing shoegaze, noise rock, punk, and a variety of metal music; and finally there’s Field of Dreams, a safe haven for hip-hop heads and electronic music lovers. Beyond great music alone, there will also be other relaxing activities that visitors can partake in, such as music workshops, kid-friendly games, and even a handicrafts market. Click here to purchase tickets or here to view this year’s full lineup.

今年,混凝草音乐节将按照三个主题区,设置五个舞台:主舞台 Downtown将会呈献主力演出阵容和各类较为大众的音乐; Thunderdome舞台带来更重口味的音乐风格,从瞪鞋摇滚(shoegaze)、噪音摇滚(noise rock)到朋克(punk)等各种金属音乐;最后的Field of Dreams舞台则是为所有嘻哈音乐和电子音乐发烧友而设。除了好音乐,音乐节上还会有其它好玩的活动,譬如音乐工作坊,适合儿童玩的游戏,甚至还会有一个手工艺品市集。点击这里购买门票,或点击这里查看今年的演出阵容。

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