Cyclops Skaters & Odd Animals 从独眼巨人到爬行的鱼

July 6, 2018 2018年7月6日

Felix_Shaozi, the winner of the 2017 Vans Asia Custom Culture Competition, is a Beijing-based creative whose diverse body of work includes graphic design, illustrations, murals, comics, fashion design, and much more. This versatility is what keeps his work fresh and unpredictable, and lets him weave concepts and techniques from one medium to another.

2017 年亚洲区 Vans Custom Culture 鞋履设计比赛的冠军 Felix_勺子,是一位来自北京的创作人。他的作品涉猎广泛而多元,包括图形设计、插图、墙绘、漫画、时装设计等等。这种多样性使他的作品永保新鲜,且难以捉摸,让他在各种的艺术媒介中自由穿插着概念与技术。

Shaozi doesn’t believe in waiting around for inspiration to strike. As a curious and self-driven individual, he relies on experimentation and hard work to bring new ideas to fruition. Even if not every idea pans out, he thinks putting in the effort to express himself is still valuable. “Everyone has something they want to say,” he tells us. “For me, art and design are ways of speaking. I create because I have something to say.”


From a skateboarding cyclops to an amphibious fish walking on all fours, Shaozi’s illustrations are doused in a sense of mischief that highlights two of his most beloved subjects: skate culture and animals.


“I think animals are much more beautiful than humans,” he admits.

This belief is made evident in his artworks. Many of the characters appearing in his illustrations – even anthropomorphic ones – are based on animal forms. This fondness for wildlife is also rooted in a bit of nostalgia: drawing animals stirs up childhood memories of visiting the zoo with his family and spending countless hours watching Animal Planet and the Discovery Channel.

“我认为动物比人类更美丽。”他坦言,在他的插图中,出现的许多人物——甚至是拟人化的形象——都是以动物的形态为基础的。这种对野生动物的喜爱源于儿时的怀旧记忆:小时候的他常和家人一起参观动物园,花费无数个小时观看《动物世界》和 “Discovery 探索频道”。

For the 2017 Vans Custom Culture Asia Competition, Shaozi brought his love of animals and skateboarding together in his winning entry – an impish alligator designed in a vibrant green-and-red colorway on a pair of Vans’ iconic skate shoes. His interpretation of “Off the Wall”—the theme for 2017—stood out from the patterned and collage-style sketches submitted by many of the other talented participants. Nine months in the making, his shoe has now hit the shelves and is available on ,, and at the Vans Hong Kong LCX Store.

在 2017 年亚洲区 Vans Custom Culture 鞋履设计比赛中,勺子将他对动物和滑板两者的热爱结合在了一起,创造出一只顽皮的鳄鱼,在一双 Vans 标志性的滑板鞋上,鳄鱼的红绿对比色分外鲜明。勺子对 2017 年的主题 “Off the Wall” 的诠释,在其他同样有才的竞赛者及他们提交的拼贴风设计稿中,脱颖而出,最终赢得桂冠。9 个月之后,他的鞋子已经在 ,、与香港的 Vans LCX 上架销售。

You can vote for your favorite designs for year’s Vans Custom Culture Asia True White Slip-On now. See some of the inspiring designs from this year below or click here to learn more!

今年的亚洲 Vans Custom Culture 定制鞋大赛,为你心中最爱的的 Slip-on 真鞋设计投票吧。点击此处,了解更多!

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Instagram: @felix_shaozi


Contributor: David Yen
Photographer: Li Zi

微博: ~/deutschshaozi247
Instagram: @felix_shaozi


供稿人: David Yen
摄影师: Li Zi

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