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November 3, 2015 2015年11月3日

SVBKVLT is the record label of the Shanghai-based underground music collective SUBCULTURE. Recently, they released the Downpour compilation album, which brought together leading producers and artists from China and the rest of Asia.


Chinese artists on the compilation include Shanghai-based producers Downstate, Damacha, Laura Ingalls, B6, Swimful, vocalist Faded Ghost, and GOOOOOSE, the electronic side project of Han Han from the rock band Duck Fight Goose. Also featured are tracks from the Los Angeles & Beijing-based producer Soulspeak and the Manila-based producers Red-I and Caliph8.

合辑中的中国艺术家包括上海本地制作人DownstateDamachaLaura IngallsB6Swimful,歌手Faded Ghost,以及鸭打鹅乐队中韩涵的个人电子音乐项目——GOOOOOSE。除此之外,合辑中也收录了奔走于洛杉矶及北京之间的制作人Soulspeak以及马尼拉音乐制作人Red-ICaliph8的作品。

Take a listen below to a few of our favorite tracks from Downpour. The full album is available for purchase here.


 Soulspeak – Shui Bu Zhao Jiao

 Laura Ingalls – No Taxi

 Damacha – Cao Shuai



 Laura Ingalls – No Taxi




Contributor: George Zhi Zhao



供稿人: George Zhi Zhao

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