Dream Can 救火人生

September 12, 2018 2018年9月12日



“It’s never been about how good we are. It’s always been about being passionate.” It’s this sentiment that’s allowed Dream Can (or Gu Shui Che Jian in Chinese) to carve out their own niche within China’s indie rock scene and beyond.

Youthful and energetic, the girls that make up Dream Can are A Re, the lead singer and guitarist; Qi Yu, the drummer; and A Can, the bassist. The trio met each other in Shanghai’s Songjiang University Town, bonding over a shared passion for experimental rock. In 2014, while still in school, the three formed Dream Can. Since then, they’ve landed themselves on China’s leading independent rock label, Maybe Mars.

“问题不在于我们有多厉害,而是要始终充满热情。” 正是这种信念,让谷水车间(Dream Can)在中国的独立摇滚界中开辟出一片自己的天地。

谷水车间由三位充满活力的年轻女孩组成,包括主唱兼吉他手阿惹、鼓手淇钰以及贝斯手阿璨。三位女孩最初在上海松江就读大学时相识,因为对实验摇滚的共同热爱而走到一起。2014年,她们在学校期间成立谷水车间乐队,之后成功与中国领先的独立摇滚唱片公司兵马司(Maybe Mars)签约。

Listen to some selects tracks from Dream Can’s new album Into Sparks below / 点击即可试听谷水车间专辑《救火人生》上的几首精选歌曲

With a varied list of musical influences ranging from 60’s German krautrock to Japanese psychedelic rock, Dream Can produces an elusive sound that teeters between a dream-like state and something more quantifiable, sometimes flitting between time signatures multiple times in a single track. Like a voice in the back of your mind that you can’t trust but decide to go along with anyways, they craft soundscapes that dare you to listen and explore just a little further.

影响她们音乐的来源非常丰富,既有 60 年代的德国 Krautrock 摇滚,也有日本迷幻摇滚。她们的创作具有一种难以捉摸的魅力,游离在梦幻与真实之间,摇摆不定。有时候即使是同一首歌,也会在不同的拍号之间变化,仿佛是在创造回荡于你脑海中的一个声音,你不信任它,却还是决定跟随它走。她们的音乐是在挑战你去倾听,并进一步深入探索。

“Shanghai’s music scene is always changing, and you can find all types of styles here,” says A Re. “But styles come and go, that’s how I feel anyways.”

In a city as notoriously fickle with trends as Shanghai is, Dream Can refuses to compromise their sound or fit into any preconceived notions of what an all-female band should sound or look like. “Nowadays, I think that as a group of female musicians, being admired or criticized is the same thing,” she sighs. “It’s all about being noticed.”

“上海的音乐场景总是在不断变化,你可以在这里找到各种类型的音乐。” 阿惹说, “但风格就是这样来来去去,起码我是这么感觉的。”

在上海这座瞬息万变的城市中,谷水车间拒绝为自己的音乐作出妥协,或是遵循那些针对女性音乐人先入为主的观念。“我认为对于今天的女音乐人来说,被喜欢或批评都是一样的,关键都在于有没有人注意到你。” 她叹了口气。

With the release of their debut album “Into Sparks,” Dream Can hope to bring their dreamy, psychedelic aesthetics to as wide an audience as their sound will allow. Next up in the coming year for the trio is a couple of overseas gigs to spread their talent beyond Chinese shores.


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