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The Shanghai-based experimental electronic music group Duck Fight Goose was formed in 2009 initially as a rock band, when Han Han approached 33 and Panda about starting a new band. At that time, their early music was influenced by neo-psychedelic rock, experimental music, and math rock. In 2013, a new drummer Jean Baptiste joined the group, replacing the original drummer Damen, who had moved to Austin, Texas. Soon after that, the band also started experimenting with synths, DAW software, and different ways of producing electronic music.

成立于2009年的鸭打鹅,是一支上海的实验电子音乐组合,始于韩涵找33与熊猫组建一支摇滚乐队。他们早期的风格深受新迷幻摇滚、实验音乐,以及电子摇滚的影响。2013,新鼓手Jean Baptiste加入乐队,以替代移居美国德州奥斯丁的原鼓手大门。随后不久,乐队也开始尝试合成器、DAW软件,以及不同的电子乐制作方式。

Take a listen below to a few new select tracks from Duck Fight Goose:

Duck Fight Goose – Indifferent

Duck Fight Goose – A Nation of Disillusion

Duck Fight Goose – Lucky Star


鸭打鹅 – 无差别

鸭打鹅 – 幻灭国度

鸭打鹅 – 幸运星

Seven years after forming, the group has just released their second full length album, named CLVB ZVKVNFT. The title comes from an actual nightclub in Zurich, Switzerland named Club Zukunft, that the group visited when they were on tour in Europe in 2014. Translated it means “club of the future” but inside the club, the décor is actually very 80s. Han Han explains, “The 80s were when contemporary electronic music, as we now know it, was born – but this decade for us still felt especially human and analog.” So for the group, the name was a good fit for the new record, in that it encapsulated the thinking behind their sound perfectly.

乐队成立七年之后,他们发行了第二张全长专辑《未来俱乐部》,又名《CLVB ZVKVNFT》。专辑名字来源于乐队2014年欧洲巡演时演出过的一间酒吧,这间酒吧位于瑞士苏黎世,叫做“Club Zukunft”,翻译过来的意思就是“未来俱乐部”。尽管有着一个这样的名字,但事实上,这个地方的内部装潢极具上世纪80年代的风格。韩涵解释道:“那80年代的时候呢,实际上是当代的电子乐的一个开端。但是呢,这个年代可能就是特别人性的一个年代。”所以,对于乐队来说,这个名字再适合这张新专辑不过,同时也高度概括了他们在音乐背后的思考。

Over the years, the group’s sound has evolved very dramatically to incorporate more experimental electronic sounds and textures. Drummer JB says, “it is very difficult to give a predefined style to our music. There is a lot of mixing of things that we are doing, and we have a lot of influences – so there isn’t a clear style.” Han Han tells us that overall they have two main influences: one is progressive electronic music (along the lines of Aphex Twin, Clark, or Venetian Snares), and the other is the type of rock music that the band has always played. For Panda, despite their many evolutions in style, there is still a kind of continuity in their discography, as they have always set out to be an experimental band from the very beginning.

多年以来,乐队不断融合新的实验电子音质和风格,曲风变化奇大。鼓手JB表示:“很难用一种既定的风格来描述我们的音乐。我们混合了太多我们正在探索的东西,而且我们也深受各方面影响,所以并没有一种明确的风格。”韩涵对我们说,总体上看,作用于乐队的有两大影响: 一个是现代电子乐 (这一派的代表人物有Aphex Twin、Clark,和 Venetian Snares),另一个就是乐队经常表演的那种摇滚乐。对于熊猫来说,虽说他们的曲风多经演变,但始终有一种连续性贯彻于他们的音乐专辑中,因为从乐队成立之初,他们就旨在打造一个实验型的乐队。

They like to describe the band’s style as trying to merge the human and analog, with a sound that was produced electronically with machines. The group doesn’t believe in producing music solely from computers or software, as it can easily end up sounding too precise and simple. Han Han says that the group hopes to merge the two styles, and in the process still “try to keep all the interesting and groovy elements”. As for future developments for DFG, the band would really like to see themselves evolve into more of a performance group with more experiential and visual elements incorporated into their live performances – and function less like a conventional band. For 33, it is always uncertain what the future may hold, but she feels that the current direction the band is embarking on is an exciting and interesting one. Duck Fight Goose’s new album CLVB ZVKVNFT is out now and available for download on iTunes.


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