Endangered Species

August 1, 2017 2017年8月1日

Manila-based creative director Patrick Cabral began his Delicate Papercuts series in 2016. His aim was to experiment and develop new techniques in the age-old art of paper cutting. Working with layers of vellum board and watercolor paper, Cabral creates stunningly intricate artworks that range from stunning portraits to intricate typography.

2016 年,马尼拉创意总监 Patrick Cabral 开始创作名为《Delicate Papercuts系列的精致剪纸。他的愿望是从古老的剪纸艺术中探索和研究出新的创作技艺。Patrick 通过薄纸板和水彩纸的层叠,创造出肖像或艺术字体剪纸等令人惊艳的精致艺术品。

In 2017, Cabral launched a special series in collaboration with the World Wide Fund for Nature and Acts of Kindness, extending his original project to include some of the faces of the world’s most endangered animals. Many of the animals in his Endangered Species series are native to Asia, including tigers, pangolins, elephants, dholes, tamaraws, rhinoceroses, snow leopards, and pandas. Upon completing the series, Cabral happily remarked that the star of his final portrait, the panda, was no longer listed as an endangered species as of 2017. Scroll down and see the complete project below.

2017年,Patrick 携手世界自然基金会

Acts of Kindness 机构,为世界上最濒危的稀有动物创作了一系列头部剪纸作品。这个名为《Endangered Species》(濒危动物)系列中的许多动物都来自亚洲,包括老虎、穿山甲、大象、亚洲豺犬,塔摩洛水牛、犀牛、雪豹和熊猫。完成这个系列的创作之后,Patrick 高兴地表示,他最后创作的大熊猫在 2017 年已经不再是濒危物种。下面一起来欣赏 Patrick 完整的动物剪纸系列吧。



供稿人: Whitney Ng



供稿人: Whitney Ng