Femininity, Vectorized

November 8, 2017 2017年11月8日

Yuschav Arly is a graphic designer and digital illustrator from Bali, Indonesia. After half a decade in the graphic design world, he now primarily focuses on digital illustration. His stunning, vector portraits of women are minimalistic and clean, yet elegant and full of restrained emotion.

Yuschav Arly是来自印度尼西亚巴厘岛的平面设计师和数码插画家。他曾在平面设计行业工作5年,现在主要专注于插画创作。他所创作的女性矢量肖像画令人赞叹,风格简约利落又优雅,更蕴含着饱满的情绪。

Arly’s creative process is simple – it involves a lot of procrastination along with some coffee and music in a comfortable place. “Daydreaming is always my first step,” he says. “It’s basically making a finished artwork but just in my head. Once I get a full picture, I grab my pen and do a rough sketch in my notebook, but with a little description just so I don’t forget about the initial idea. And after that, it’s just long, fun hours with a pen tool and eraser.”


Drawing from diverse sources such as illustration, photography, modeling, architecture, and design, Arly’s images make use of clean shapes and lines to frame his subjects and their surroundings. With elegant women, symmetrical compositions, and muted tones being the common denominators throughout his work, Arly humbly describes his creative process as simply piecing all of these different elements together. “It’s all connected somehow in a mysterious way when I start to visualize an image,” he says. “It’s like playing a game of Connect the Dots.”


Instagram: @yuschav
Behance: ~/yuschav


Contributor: George Zhi Zhao



供稿人: George Zhi Zhao

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