Finding Inspiration in Uncertainty

January 18, 2017 2017年1月18日

Yuma Yoshimura is a Japanese artist, painter, and muralist who creates psychedelic, monochromatic works that reflect the uncertainty and chaos of human existence. In 2004, he completed his education at Tama Art University where he studied painting and printmaking. Currently based in Tokyo, his work has been well-received internationally, having been exhibited in South Africa, Spain, Russia, and more.

Yuma Yoshimura是一名日本的艺术家、画家和壁画家,其创作的单色作品充满迷幻的风格,表达出人类生存的混乱与不确定性。他曾在多摩美术大学学习绘画和版画创作,2004年毕业之后,他生活在日本东京。他的作品曾在南非、西班牙、俄罗斯等国家发表。

The primary themes of Yuma Yoshimura’s work lie in the uncertainty and chaos that people experience in daily life, or in concepts of duality and opposition such as “darkness and light.” For him, these are universal conditions that all people face as they grow from childhood to adulthood. To believe in the unchanging in the face of the ever-changing, and to express this dynamic visually is a reflection of the artist’s own resistance to unrelenting change.

Yuma Yoshimura的作品主题主要围绕人们在日常生活中经历的不确定性和混乱,或是二元性和对立概念,如“黑暗与光明”。对他来说,这是所有人从孩童到成年人的成长过程中都必定面临的普遍状况。在千变万化中相信永恒不变,以视觉作品来表现变化的动态,反映出这名艺术家自己对于无情变化的抵抗。

For Yuma Yoshimura’s creations, he primarily works with acrylic paint, spray paint, markers, aluminum and wooden panels. For mural-sized works, he’ll only use monochromatic acrylic paint and spray paint – his decision is largely based on the physical characteristics of the wall, which include its size and the surrounding environment.

Yuma Yoshimura的创作过程主要利用丙烯涂料、喷漆颜料、马克笔、铝和木板。至于壁画尺寸的大作品,他会根据墙体的物理特性、大小和所产生的空间效果,直接在墙壁上使用单色丙烯涂料和喷漆颜料进行创作。

Despite using a simple, monochromatic palette, Yuma Yoshimura is able to conceive a multitude of visual elements through complicated compositions that mirror his inner state. The visual elements seen in traditional tribal tattoos and ornaments also fuel the sparks of his imagination. This influence from these primitive arts reflect Yoshimura’s attempt to express his own unique, but universal, human experience.

虽然创作中只使用了一种色彩,但Yuma Yoshimura依然能够通过复杂的构图来表现出丰富多样的视觉元素,传达出他的内心状态。部落纹身和装饰品这些视觉元素激发了他的创作灵感。来自原始部落的艺术影响反映出Yoshimura尝试表达的一种独特又普遍的人性经历。

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Contributor: George Zhi Zhao
Images Courtesy of Yuma Yoshimura

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Contributor: George Zhi Zhao
图片由Yuma Yoshimura提供