Scratching the Surface

June 5, 2017 2017年6月5日

Vhils is a Portuguse artist who has developed a unique visual language based on the removal of the surface layers of walls and other media with non-conventional tools and techniques. Coming from a background in graffiti, his work establishes symbolic reflections on identity, life in the urban context, the passage of time, and the relationship of interdependence between people and the surrounding environment. Currently based in Hong Kong, Vhils has developed a prolific series of works across the city. See below for a selection from the artist.

葡萄牙艺术家Vhils 通过凿刻墙壁表面,利用非常规的媒介工具,塑造出一种独特的视觉语言。他从涂鸦开始进行艺术创作,其作品展现了对身份认同、城市生活、时间流逝以及人与周边环境之间的相互依存关系的思考。Vhils目前生活在香港,并已经在香港街头拥有丰富的作品。一起来欣赏一下他的精选作品吧。

Instagram: @vhils
Facebook: ~/vhils1


Contributor: George Zhi Zhao