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January 27, 2016 2016年1月27日

FLASK is a bar located in Shanghai owned by bourbon enthusiasts Kevin Yu and Jackson Cheng, two Taiwanese entrepreneurs who pride themselves not only on their creative offering of cocktails but also a vast selection of fine bourbon. But if there is something that Shanghai isn’t exactly in shortage of, it’s bars. FLASK, however, is one of the more unusual spots in the city. It’s hidden in a shop called The Press, a small place that sells gourmet grilled cheese sandwiches. Both FLASK and The Press were designed by Alberto Caiola, whose concept for these two spaces explores the nature of duality: the juxtaposition of light and darkness.

FLASK是一家在上海的酒吧由两个波本威士忌发烧友Kevin YuJackson Cheng创立这两位台湾创始人以提供用心调制的鸡尾酒及种类繁多的各式高级波本为傲如果说上海绝对不缺的东西那一定就是酒吧了FLASK则是城中别具一格的几家酒吧之一它藏匿在一家名为The Press的美味芝士三明治店中FLASK以及The Press的店内设计皆是出于Alberto Caiola之手他为这两个空间所做的创作源于二元对立明暗共存的概念

During the daytime, The Press operates as a sandwich shop – a minimalist space with unfinished cement walls and a colorful counter erected in the middle of the store. Behind the counter, a blue neon-lit sign that reads “Get Your Hands Dirty” is hung on the wall, and a vintage Coca-Cola machine is nestled in the corner of the room. The Press provides reimagined versions of classic American grilled cheese sandwiches, with gourmet creations such as their signature FLASK Melt. For this mouthwatering concoction, aged yellow cheddar, white cheddar, gouda cheese, and bourbon-honey glazed bacon serves as the centrepiece, while artisanal white toast acts as the frame. As it gets later and later into the night, passers-by will notice there is no longer any staff manning the shop, yet curiously enough, it still appears open for business.

白昼时分,The Press是一家售卖三明治的店铺,其极简的空间中有着斑驳水泥墙和矗立店中央的炫彩吧。柜台后面,墙上挂有“Get Your Hands Dirty”字样的蓝色霓虹灯牌,墙角是复古的可口可乐自动贩售机。The Press除了售卖改良版的经典美国烤芝士三明治之外,也会自制创意美食,比如他们的招牌菜FLASK Melt:以白吐司配裹陈年车达芝士、白芝士、豪达芝士再搭配令人垂涎的蜜糖波本的培根。当日光渐褪,人们会发现餐厅内是没有任何员工,但令人好奇的是它又看似还在营业。

That’s because the adjoining speakeasy, FLASK, has been covertly serving drinks and will continue dealing out boozy treats late into the night. Those unfamiliar with FLASK might never know it is even there. The concealed entrance is located behind the retro Coke machine inside The Press. This faux vending machine swings open to reveal a secret tunnel that leads into this mysterious speakeasy. Once inside, patrons will find themselves in a dimly lit bar, purposely designed to clash modern elements against a vintage setting. Decorative liquor bottles adorn the shelves, mysterious cubes of varying sizes float overhead, and furniture that feels like they came straight from the prohibition era fills the room.

那是因为它另一边的地下酒吧,FLASK,一直以这样隐秘的方式售卖酒水,满足各种嗜酒者至夜深。不熟悉FLASK的人或许根本不知道它就在那儿。其入口就隐匿在The Press的复古可口可乐自动贩售机后面;这个经过伪装的自动贩卖机被移开后,就可见通向这间神秘地下酒吧的秘密通道。一旦入内,顾客就置身于一间灯光幽暗的酒吧,其精心的设计让摩登元素与复古情怀擦出别样火花。各式装饰酒瓶满踞架上,大小不一的神秘方快悬置上方,还有一系列犹如来自禁酒令时期的特色家具分散于室内各处。

Whisky bars in Shanghai generally focus on single malt whiskies, while FLASK, in true speakeasy style, decided instead to place most of their focus on bourbon and rye whiskies. “Many of the prohibition classics or signature drinks were made from bootleg liquor that was available at that time, which often were bourbon and rye, and sometimes gin,” says Kevin, “This is another reason why FLASK likes to focus on American bourbon and rye whiskey. These drinks speak the same language that strengthen the speakeasy concept. We want to educate people in Shanghai that bourbon and rye can be pleasant, smooth and full of character – just like single malt whisky.”


Besides the impressive bourbon collection at FLASK, their cocktails are also strong contenders in the Shanghai bar scene. All of their cocktails can be custom-made to fit the individual’s flavor profile, and all of their signature cocktails on the menu also feature local and Asian ingredients while still preserving the original recipes of the prohibition era classics.


Kevin and Jackson wanted to provide a unique experience for all those that comes to their bar through the atmosphere, the friendly staff, and the quality of the drink selection. With FLASK and The Press, the pair wanted to inject more creativity into Shanghai’s food and beverage industry​, and they have hinted at new plans of rolling out other creative projects in the near future.

Kevin和Jackson希望通过别致的环境、热情的服务以及酒品的质量,为每一位光顾的客人提供独一无二的体验。经营着FLASK和The Press的他们希望为上海的餐饮业注入更多创意活力,二位也暗示在不久的将来还会筹备其它有意思的创意项目。

432 Shaanxi Nan Lu
Xuhui District, Shanghai
People’s Republic of China

Phone: +86 021-33686108

Facebook: ~/FLASK

中国 上海市徐汇区

电话: +86 021-33686108

脸书: ~/FLASK

Contributor & Photographer: David Yen

供稿人与摄影师: David Yen

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