Floating Field 《浮田》道出你的人生和死亡

November 2, 2018 2018年11月2日



Taiwanese designer Wu Yi-Hsien understands that uncertainty is the only certainty in life. While initially troubled by this realization, her apprehension soon gave way to a newfound clarity: we’re all in the same boat. Or, as her animated short Floating Field has it, we’re all in our own fish boats. Her unconventional video, selected as a Design Mark winner in the Golden Pin Concept Design Awards, explores how each of us floats through life in search of meaning and purpose.

台湾设计师吴怡娴深信着 “不确定性是生命中唯一的确定性” 。虽然最初受到这种认知的困扰,但很快地,她的担忧即被一种全新的见解取代:我们的处境都是一样的,我们都在自己的船上。或者说,如她的动画短片《浮田》所表达,我们都在自己的 “鱼型船” 上。她极具创意的视频入围了 “2018 金点概念设计奖” 年度最佳设计奖,探讨了我们每个人如何漂流在人生里寻找着意义和目的。

The animation takes place in a mysterious world where a series of amorphous blob characters each live inside or atop a floating fish. The story’s main character is a humble farmer who’s diligently at work planting seeds in hopes of a better tomorrow. As he drifts from scene to scene, he encounters characters of different backgrounds, all of whom are pursuing their own fulfillment. From a rich fish whose inhabitant is bathing in gold coins to a busy fish whose resident is running in place on a hamster wheel, every character is self-absorbed with their own interests and goals.

动画的故事发生在一个神秘的世界。在这个世界里,一些不定形的团状小人居住在 “飘浮鱼” 的内部或上方。故事的主角是一位谦逊的农民,他正在努力耕作,种下种子,期许一个更美好的明天。当他穿梭在不同的场景,来来去去,他也遇到了来自不同背景的人物,这些人的共同点是他们都在汲汲营营于追求自己的成就。从坐拥无数财富的人、到在仓鼠轮子上没日没夜行走的人,每一个角色都有自己的兴趣和目标。

As time passes, the protagonist’s fish starts to age. His work seems to be all for naught as he descends beneath the clouds and is eventually swallowed by a murky black sea in what seems like the film’s ending. But a quote from Lord of the Rings reframes the context of the grim conclusion, reminding viewers that death isn’t necessarily the end. Through death—the death of our old selves, death of our fears, and the death of our insecurities—a new life begins. Moments later, the fish’s inhabitant re-emerges from the currents and steps ashore. He treads onwards, into new, uncharted lands that await exploration. As terrifying as it might be to face the unknown, only when we accept that it’s an inevitable part of existence, can we truly begin to experience all that life has to offer.


Contributor: David Yen

供稿人: David Yen

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