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March 21, 2016 2016年3月21日



Jennis Li Cheng Tien is a multidisciplinary artist whose work explores ideas of interaction, public space, and identity. Born in Taiwan, she studied interactive media design in Singapore, and went on to work in advertising for many years. While working in the industry, Jennis honed her skills as a retoucher, and now wields Photoshop as her weapon of choice. This eventually led to the creation of Have A Nice Day. 

Jennis Li Cheng Tien是一位涉及多领域的艺术家,她的作品探讨有关互动、公共空间及事物特征的想法。她出生于台湾,在新加坡研读互动媒体设计,此后在广告行业工作数年。在这个行业中,她通过担当图片修图师磨练自己的技能,使用Photoshop作为自己的利器。这最终促成她的系列作品,《Have A Nice Day.》。

On first viewing, Have A Nice Day appears to be a collection of hazy images that evoke a molten version of the Internet. Cerebral, visceral, flesh-toned and fuzzy, the images in this project are achieved by fusing many Google images together into an unrecognizable, but yet vaguely familiar, form.

《Have A Nice Day》给人的第一印象 ,是一堆让人联想到融化版网络的模糊图片。脑部,内脏,肉色调和失真,这个项目中的图片是通过将许多Google图片融合成一体,形成既难以辨认又富有熟悉感的产物。

After quitting the advertising industry, Jennis moved from Asia to Berlin to pursue her studies into art in public spaces. Using the retouching tools in Photoshop in a freestyle and formless way is therapeutic, says Jennis, adding “It was like therapy for me in the darkest times of winter.”


When gathering images for her project, Jennis normally looks for photos that have colors and faces which have a strong identity and visual presence already. Often, people react to Have A Nice Day by recognizing the features of someone familiar. However, Jennis says the pieces are purposefully abstracted and are not meant to represent any one specific person.

在为项目收集影像时,Jennis坚持寻找具有浓烈色彩的照片,以及饱含强大特征的外表形态。通常,人们观看《Have A Nice Day》时会有认出熟悉人物特征的反应。然而Jennis表示这些作品中任何一个具体个人都经过刻意的抽象化。

Her sparse and sunlit studio is filled with materials and textures which seem the opposite of the entirely digitally conceived Have A Nice Day series. In Jennis’ other work, she uses sculpture, hair, ink, and public spaces to create thought-provoking distillations of our modern interactions and experiences together.

她简洁明亮的工作室里挤满了各种材料和材质, 看起来与她那完全数字化的《Have A Nice Day》系列恰恰相反。在Jennis其他作品中,她通过使用雕塑、毛发、墨水和公共空间来创作现代社会语境下的行为互动和经历感受的无形融合,并引人深思。

Tumblr: dasplayhaus.tumblr.com


Contributor, Videographer & Photographer: Jia Li

Tumblr: dasplayhaus.tumblr.com


供稿人、視頻與照片攝影師: Jia Li

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