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Seen Lin is a Taiwanese photographer who uses photography as a means for her to better understand femininity. She believes her role as a photographer goes beyond making aesthetically pleasing images – it’s to guide the women she photographs to show the most authentic version of themselves. Instead of the stereotypical images depicting women as sensitive and fragile beings, her photography is a celebration of empowered women, an ode to those who are unafraid of subverting traditional gender roles and defying mainstream notions of beauty.

对于台湾摄影师 Seen Lin 来说,摄影是更好地了解女性的途径。她认为,作为一名摄影师,不应只限于创作好看的影像,更应该去引导她的摄影对象坦露最真实的一面。和许多肖像摄影师的作品不同,她所呈现的女性形象并非是人们刻板印象中那些柔美、顺从或脆弱的女性。相反,在她镜头下,女性总是以赋权的姿态,颠覆传统的女性角色,挑战着社会对女性的主流观念。

As an analog-only photographer, Lin’s fondness for film doesn’t stem from a higher-than-thou attitude of believing digital to be inferior. In fact, she confesses that she’s rather clueless when it comes to operating a digital camera. Having begun her foray into photography with an analog camera, she hasn’t ever felt the need to transition to digital. Even for commercial projects, she still shies away from the industry standards of working in a digital format. “I’ve been lucky. Clients come to me because they like my film shots,” she tells us. “Of course, there are clients that request I deliver digital work. When that happens I just recommend other photographers.


While feminity has always been at the crux of her work, Lin’s perspective on the topic has constantly changed over the years. Back in 2012, when Lin released the photo album HER∞, she believed that men couldn’t see the true beauty of women, an idea that she now acknowledges as a misconception. “To produce great photos, it’s more dependent on the relationship between the photographer and subject and the emotions being exchanged by them,” she explains. “Presenting emotion in an authentic way is a key part of creating compelling creative work. The gender of the person creating the work shouldn’t matter.


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Contributor: David Yen

网站: www.seenlin.com
Instagram: @seenlin


供稿人: David Yen