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August 8, 2017 2017年8月8日

Recently, independent clothing brand The Private Label released Last Days, the newest lookbook for its 2017 Pre-Fall collection. Shot by French photographer Laurent Segretier, the series takes place in Hong Kong’s Chai Wan District, in an old shopping arcade that’s been scheduled for demolition. The project is a commentary on the rapid development of Hong Kong, especially the invasion of corporations that have rendered these traditional shopping malls obsolete. With the belief that this mass production and developmental frenzy is eroding the very essence of Hong Kong and wiping away the city’s many unique characteristics, the designer behind The Private Label set off to try and capture a vanishing side of Hong Kong. Last Days is a documentation of the final days of one these communities and encapsulates a sense of wistful regret and nostalgia.

最近, The Private Label 发布了2017秋季服装目录“LastDays”,此系列照片由法国摄影师Laurent Segretier掌镜,于香港柴湾区一个即将被政府拆除的商场拍摄。在香港,城市的快速更替让一些旧式商场和社区小店接连被淘汰,取而代之的是大型连锁商铺。The Private Label的幕后团队认为这些高复制性的产出在发展的同时却让城市变得单调乏味,失去了原本的独特性和人情味,为了尽可能地保留住这些即将逝去的回忆,他们创作了”Last Days“,用相片记录下这个旧式商场被清除前最后的日子,同时表达出对旧香港文化流失的惋惜和留恋。

The designer behind The Private Label consider the 80s and 90s as the golden era of Hong Kong and is influenced by the kung-fu movies and romance movies of the period, envisioning a photo series that could convey the texture and ambiance of the Chinatowns depicted in the films from this time period. To establish this particular aesthetic and mood, Sergretier chose to use 120 film. The end result is a palette of soft colors that appear to seamlessly combine the clothing, subject, and environment into one unified frame.

受到八九十年代香港功夫片及爱情片的影响,The Private Label的设计师希望照片能传递出一种旧电影中唐人街的质感和气氛,那个黄金年代也正是香港文化对外输出最为旺盛的日子。此次拍摄摄影师Laurent Segretier选用了120胶片相机,照片柔和的色彩使服装和周围的环境协调地融在一起。

In addition to the lookbook’s retro vibes, the designs of the collection itself are also derived from the designer’s nostalgia. Growing up at the turn of the millennium, the designer behind The Private Label have observed hip-hop and NBA culture’s influence on the trends of this generation. This realization translates into this collection’s designs, appearing in the form of oversized fits inspired by the streetwear of the 2000s. Coupling this with the choice of a finer fabric and modified silhouette commonly seen in Eastern garments, the collection blends the best of both worlds, accomplishing the designer’s goal of combining the spirit of Western street culture with the aesthetic sensibilities of Eastern culture. The new collection is now available on The Private Label’s official website.

除了打造复古质感的服装目录以外,这系列服装本身的设计灵感也同样来源于设计师的怀旧情怀。成长于千禧年代,The Private Label的设计师认为嘻哈文化及NBA文化深刻影响着他们这代人的潮流见解。他试图将那些宽大舒适的服装剪裁与中国元素的服装细节及面料融合在一起,也希望能将西方的街头文化精神和精致的东方美学串联在一起。此系列服装正于The Private Label官网发售,点此查看。
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 Contributor: Ye Zi



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