Job Opportunities at Neocha Neocha 开放职缺

March 26, 2018 2018年3月26日

We’re always on the lookout for new talents to join us in our mission. If you’re someone who wants to flex their creativity in a fun and exciting work environment, we want you!

我们在寻找新的创意人才!如果你需要一个可以让你大肆施展创意的地方,也喜欢在富有弹性、好玩、具有挑战性的环境中工作,那 Neocha 需要你!

At the heart of any creative community are inspiring people and places whose stories deserve to be told. Our online magazine tells these stories to a global audience on a bilingual platform that showcases Asia’s burgeoning creative class. We welcome curious storytellers who share this vision and are looking to grow their career in an exciting, inspiring environment!

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任何创意平台的核心,都是那些具有启发性和故事性的人和地方。Neocha 杂志就是通过多种语言,向全世界展示来自亚洲地区飞速发展的创意群体的故事。我们欢迎任何眼光前瞻并期望在富有激情的创业环境中工作的应征者!



In addition to our magazine, our creative agency is a passionate, full-service team focused on achieving ambitious ideas and inspired storytelling for the most forward-thinking brands in the world. We welcome any candidates who share this vision and are looking to grow their career in an exciting, entrepreneurial environment!

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