Juice Shanghai

August 15, 2015 2015年8月15日

Neocha: In your opinion, what does the Juice Shanghai store represent? Between the wide range of brands that you carry in the store and the style of the space itself, what does Juice Shanghai give to the fashion community here in Shanghai?

Juice Shanghai: Juice Shanghai was the first of our stores to open in China, and our third store to open worldwide. Through this storefront platform, CLOT hopes to continue the innovation of streetwear culture in China. Located in a three-floor building among the traditional architecture of Julu Road in Jing’an District, Juice Shanghai creates an open space that combines both lifestyle and fashion through streetwear that also has an element of history in it.



Neocha: Since Juice Shanghai opened in 2009, what have been the biggest changes to the store?

Juice Shanghai: There have been some changes in the brands we carry at the shop, as well as changes to the style of our logo, towards a more functional, formal style. Our customers have also shifted in demographic, starting as 15 to 20 year-olds who were fans of Edison (Chen) and now moving into 25 to 30 year-olds who have careers. Of course, we also have customers who travel through Shanghai and will stop by to shop.



Neocha: What is unique and different about Juice Shanghai from other streetwear shops in China, as well as from the other Juice stores in Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Beijing?

Juice Shanghai: The unique aspects to Juice revolve around the original brand CLOT, as well as the selection of foreign brands that we carry. Every Juice store has a different design to it, and out of all of our stores, the Shanghai shop is the largest space. Each floor of our store has a different style, and throughout the store there is a distinct Chinese style in the design.



Neocha: What are your hopes for Juice going forward? What type of impact do you hope that it will have upon streetwear fashion and culture in China?

Juice Shanghai: We hope that we will be able to open more Juice locations, so that people in more places around the world can enjoy CLOT and those who like Juice can shop with us.



832 Julu Road (near Changshu Road)
Jing’an District, Shanghai
People’s Republic of China

Phone: 3308 0888
Hours: Midday~9:30pm daily

中国 上海市静安区

:3308 0888

Contributor: Ross Donovan
Photographer: Leon Yan

拱稿人:Ross Donovan
摄影师:Leon Yan