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Founded by Natasha Ivachoff, Victoria Ivachoff, and Jessica Brus, MISSYSKINS is a womenswear brand that officially launched in 2012. With the tenacious mindset of wanting to make leatherwear trendy and easily accessible, the three have released two different collections under the MISSYSKINS brand. The first of the two, MISSY SKINS by NATASHA IVACHOFF, is their mainline collection filled with impeccably crafted iconic leather garments. The other is Diffusion, a collection that combines street-orientated aesthetics with a sense of playfulness.

Natasha Ivachoff、Victoria Ivachoff,以及Jessica Brus于2012年正式创立了女装品牌MISSYSKINS。为了展示皮革艺术的时尚之美,并推动其市场化,三人为品牌名下的产品设计了两条风格鲜明的时装系列:一个是围绕精细的经典皮革工艺展开的服饰系列MISSY SKINS BY NATASHA IVACHOFF;另一个是融入街头美学的趣味皮革系列Diffusion

The new AW16 Diffusion release, ROYALTY, is based around the sports luxe look. But staying true to the brand’s original vision, the collection still consists of many leather pieces, with boldly emblazoned floral prints making frequent appearances this release. From a cerulean blue fur coat worn over a pair of indigo blue leopard leggings to a metal-studded leather jacket juxtaposed with a white laced dress, ROYALTY is a diverse and youthful collection designed with the modern fashionista in mind. Scroll down to see more images from the new collection.


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